Monday, 19 October 2009

New Song

It's funny how these things come sometimes...

I've been invited to play a few songs at a 'retirement'-type housing situation tomorrow afternoon , at St Anne's, on the outskirts of town. I'll be doing some support music for Anita Willey. I'm looking forward to it... I always enjoy hearing Anita's music.

I thought I'd better pull-out the guitar this arvo and make sure I can still remember some suitable songs to play...

And while I was doodling, I wrote a whole new song. It literally came just straight out of nowhere. It's a quiet reflective dittie I've called "Already Gone" [for now]. It's no masterpiece, but I think it should go onto the next 'Lancelot's Pram' album "PurpleGreenBlue".
(Draft artwork)
It's bizarre, because I haven't picked up the guitar much at all lately, let alone write or record anything new lately. Yes, I haven't done any recording for the new album at all in over a month. I just haven't had the heart to approach it. So, it's funny how a new song will literally come out of nowhere when I just sit down and doodle. Sheesh!

I'm still working thru my 'profile' and updating it... now on a new server [as Geocities is closing... It'd been sitting on there for ever!]

Jessica Watson, the 16-yo young lady attempting to sail solo around the world, has updated her blog.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Sounds cool...what sort of music will you play at the retirement place?

  2. It really depends on the people who are there and how they are responding at the time. I've got a pool of about 200 different songs to draw from, so actual material won't be a problem! In the end I'll probably only play about five-or-so songs all together, as there's two of us playing. but it's just one of those 'play it as it goes' kinda days, which are always nice.

  3. Sounds lovely! Have a great time Mal! Mwah xxxooxox

  4. Music is your calling Mal :)

  5. That's handy then if you've got so many songs, I reckon you'll have fun with it!

  6. Have fun...I am sure your audience will enjoy themselves.

  7. Thank you - you're all too kind!

    Knowing so many songs to play is not a boastful asshat thing... it's just that I've been playing in bands and playing 'covers' for so many years and listening to songs, you just have a big swag to select from. Like yesterday, sitting down and working thru a few songs, I was playing songs that would be called as 'standards' that aren't on my 'list', but even tho I've never actually played them before, I found that I knew them already anyways, just from hearing them for so many years. So yeah... I usually play a few songs in a row, make them flow together without an actual stop kinda thing, when I'm playing these small personal intimate kinda places. Makes it more spontaneous, more fun. I like spontaneous. Blah blah blah.

    Yeah, my 'list' is about 70-ish songs, but I would know a few hundred songs to play straight off-the-cuff anyways.

    I'm not that good, you know, but I'm having fun doing it. Tis nice giving other people pleasure doing something that brings me pleasure :)

  8. I am so pleased about the upcoming gig.
    Its funny about music, writing and any creative thing...there are these times - sometime long times - in which you can't create anything and wonder where the light has gone. Then as you said something kicks it all off again. Maybe the time inbetween creativeness is as important as the creative times as maybe its there that the ideas gel unconsciously - maybe