Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Midnight Rambler

My body clock is totally upside down. I managed to awaken at 10.30 this evening, and it was breakfast time... I'm missing out on whole days of sunlight here... I might end-up turning into a mushroom... It's doing my head in, I'm telling you... I'm getting nothing done. It's not as though I can put a load of washing on at midnight/1am, because that's not fair on my wonderfully-considerate neighbours. I can't strum guitars or work-thru songs at 3am for the same reason... even quietly, I know the sound would still carry in the still night air. I can't even go for a good long relaxing walk, because i] it's zero degrees outside, and ii] my heel-spur prohibits me from walking far these days, which is extremely frustrating.

You guys are lucky. You have a spouse, a partner, kids and family, work colleagues, good close people you see and interact with every - single - day that you can talk about this mundane mindless concerns with, no harm done. You can 'download' your internal stuff with them, and get on with the good stuff.

I don't. I don't get to interact with anyone most days. Especially right now at 11.44pm, when everyone I do know is sound asleep, like normal people.

It's doing my head in. If my body doesn't do it first.

Just having a rantz.

Why do certain people who, after buying a copy of my CD, then demand of me to upload the album details, just for them, onto their favourite and preferred online music source?

Instead, I direct them to the LP website, where there is enough specific details about the album and each track, including full lyrics, right there for them to mull over.

Whatever media they choose to listen to my music is upto them. I've no worries with that.

But to demand that I upload info to their particular site, just so that they have that same info on their own special site, is...

Well, let's be polite. I told them, "No, thank you".

Thankfully it's just been the once.

Wow, what an aggressive, negative-vibed post. I must be such an @$hole, huh?

The karma police have spoken: Not until...

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. The sleeping patterns are a worry. Me I take drugs these days, the antidepressants I take make me sleep.

    Sorry you're feeling this way.:(

  2. The nights are the worst when you are on your own. An old friend (70's) warned me just after Don was killed, that the nights were going to be sleepless and freaky - his wife died when she was in late twenties - still missed her.

    I don't have any answers re the night stuff because mine are pretty freaky at times and seem too long and too dark...when I sleep right through I almost get on my knees and thank God - for me its not depression or any other thing which pills can ease - I just have to persevere - but this afternoon there are birds singing outside my window, and the sun is kind. So...

    re the heel spur - I had a beauty for many years and couldn't wear normal shoes...thank goodness there are quite comfy walk in shoes you can wear these days - even sneakers. Mine stuck out like the end of my little finger but as I stuck to wearing backless shoes (not thongs) over the years my body has reabsorbed the spur because I wasn't irritating it by the shoe rubbing on it. Might help!!!

    I listened through Lancelot's Pram and found it easy listening music (I mean this as a compliment) Next I mean to listen to it and take in the meaning of the words so as to understand what each song is about. You have done a great job and should be proud. My youngest did her own album of her own songs and I think it is so beautiful - she gave us all some but wasn't well enough to get out on stage...it took her months and months as with you.

    How many of us have done what you have done? Thank you very much.

    I hope the next days are better

  3. hope your feeling better soon..heel spurs suck! i know and i have to walk for a living..
    but i swear by the shot...it helps for a long time...

  4. Hey I can fully understand shitty sleep patterns, last night I had an unassisted sleep from only 11.30pm to 3.30am, stayed in bed until 4.30am so I did not wake my parents up... then crept around like a church mouse.

    I try to only use the sleeping tablets when I am well and truly knackered (emotionally or physically) so I don't become too reliant on them.

    Funny thing is if I watch tv at night I get the yawns at 8.30pm which gives me the shits as it is hard to watch a tv program. Have to say I preferred the night owl sleep patterns I had before I went into hospital... asleep at midnight-1am and awake at 8-9am... but the drugs have changed all that.

    Hugs my friend, I hope the problems sort themselves out soon and if you ever feel the need to rant/rave one on one, you can always email me and I will answer at sparrow's fart when I tend to wake up. :)

  5. Thanks. Last night was better, as i actually slept during the *night*, which is a start. I'm trying to stay up all day today [Thursday], just so i can at least try and find some semblance of a normal sleep pattern again.