Thursday, 3 September 2009


I played a whole 'set' of only my original songs at the pub last night, and the beautiful down-to-earthiness about it all is that - the handful of people present were wholly indifferent to it all! It's really quite refreshing, actually.

I know they weren't even listening to most of it, because sometimes I'd deliberately change lyrics mid-song to silly random stream-of-consciousness stuff about 'Bananas in Pyjamas' and fun things like that, and no-one would notice. But it's quite OK... you've gotta take the good with the bad. 'Tis just one of the joys of trying to perform live.

Just one of those nights.

Sure puts "wow, he's done an album and plays on the radio [and all that $#it]" into some sense of reality and perspective [knowing wink].

BUT, I did manage to actually have a good chat with the publican/owner of the place while I was down there, and he's more-than-happy with the way things have been going on a Wednesday night, and wants to keep it running. That's a big plus.

I think it's funny, anyways... but now I'm constipated rather than the opposite! It's just the flip-side nature of the beast. Tho I did manage four hours sleep last night... four hours in-a-row! [cough]

So, whatever happened to...?

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Good morning and glad you got some sleep. We all slept well last night too for some reason. Must be the full moon. Or something.

  2. glad that your feeling a bit better...hope it continues.

  3. Thanks. One day at a time. At the moment the whole 'bloated' thing is just making me really unable to sleep! Gagh!

  4. That would be a bit of an ego slap realising that not many were following the words - maybe they weren't but they would have liked the sound of the music in the background because there is nothing sadder than total silence in a pub - I remember working really hard on a talk i had to gove once. It was hard hitting, to the point and I didn't ramble. Just before I finished an old woman down the back shouted, "Come on get it finished" I kept going till the end - as i had to as i was representing a group - but I felt devastated sure it had been as boring as hell...others said it was great and applauded me, but that one voice up the back was much louder than the applause in my head.

    I admire you for doing what you do...takes courage to put yourself out there.

    I have lost much of that since Don we always worked as a team