Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I knew I had to take a bit of a break from playing for a little bit, and having those weekly Wednesday nights canceled out from underneath our feet kinda is a blessing in disguise. [I'm hoping I can get out tonight and have an informal no-agenda musical jam with some blokes in an old warehouse dungeon-basement tonight...]

But... but... but...

I finally heard back from that other old friend this morning!!!! She's just been so busy as well... she helps run a 'Handy-Womans' ' "Give a Girl a Go" business - which, by the sound of it, is going extremely well! Good on you, you GO, girl!

That helped make my day... isn't it funny how the ying-yang balances out? Unhappy news one day, positive news the next? At least I know she's still up and around and is up for our good ol' friendly communication. Yay!

I'm still feeling sick, tho ('lots of running', I'll just put it that way... [sigh] ). But I just have to bite the bullet and get some traveling and visiting in while I still can. An online friend has a gathering in Junee next month, and I'd like to drop-in and catch-up with another old friend in Warwick in a few weeks too. And even a trip to Tuross Heads and spend some good time with 'Ajax' again should be on the agenda as well. Geebus... that's about 1,500 - 2,000 kms driving already...

I received some 'income' [if you can call it that...] today, so I have a few groceries in my pantry and fridge now... fresh fruit and veggies - yay! My poor fridge doesn't know what to do with them, I'm sure...

I finally heard back from MySpace about my problem I was having there... they helpfully suggested absolutely nothing. No, seriously, nothing. At. All. And that was their official response to my help requests!!!! Obviously I'm glad I managed to 'fix' it on my own, otherwise they would not have helped me in any way. They are fooking hopeless, seriously.

A fellow muso/associate simply rang-up the Sounds Live people, and got an on-air gig for the following day! That's seriously fantastic for her, and I'm very excited for her! But by the sounds of it, the people who are trying to facilitate these weekly radio on-air slots simply have no idea what they are doing, as far as organizing things. When you actually get there and do the thing, it's very easy and no problem. It's just getting them to get their shite together and organize people to know about it and let them know when they're on. It's a head-scratcher, it really is!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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