Thursday, 20 August 2009


Crikies, it's hard to put on a convincing Lancelot's Pram 'show' when you feel as weak as a kitten! But I managed, somehow, last night... not upto scratch, but you can only do what you can do, right?

I pulled-out the gherkin guitar for the first time in ages (first time live as Lancelot's Pram, in any regards), which seemed to go over well. After most people left, people remaining wanted to hear what it sounded like properly, so I showed them... just improvising and jamming, they thought I was playing amazingly, but I wasn't really (honestly)... it's just part of "playing the game"... knowing how to make something very simple sound like it's much better/bigger than it actually is. But it's all fun.

I always get a laff telling people how much I paid for the guitar, compared to its actual worth! I was very lucky finding it - plus it plays and sounds like a dream. People love the quirky colour as well, which makes me smile.

I'm so very tired this week. The BD's lingering effects include this ongoing-weariness, plus this troublesome bloating (and other related health issues I won't discuss here) has some nasty and funny side-effects... I managed to split a pair of trousers (not just a popped stitch, I'm talking about a SPLIT! lol) as I was carrying equipment into the pub last night! They fit absolutely fine two weeks ago! Oh well... I thought it was funny (made me think fondly of 60's rocker PJ Proby who got panned for splitting his trousers as part of his act! hahahaa)... but was grateful I only live five minutes away, and quickly ducked home to change.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. i would love to sit and listen to you play anyday...wish i could...

    omg on the pants splitting...glad you were able to change...

  2. You *can* sit and listen to me play live anytime. Just download my live 'podcast'.

    Enjoy! I enjoyed making it especially for you guys :)