Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I'm getting my nails done...

Why does some of the mindless mundanity of Facebook drive me absolutely potty somedays...? Here's a classic example, which is basically flooding my 'newsfeed' with mindless tweet replies from this lady-who-I-actually-do-not-know-and-will-never-meet and her equally-mindless 'friends':

"I'm getting my nails done".

Thanks so much for letting me know.

Now I can go to my grave eternally rested and satisfied knowing that.

These are the kind-of people who are getting culled by me. The funny side of this is that they won't even realise they've been 'unfriended', as they've never actually interacted or dialogued with me on any level over a year... despite inviting them here to read my blog time after time after time, they never ever have. Good riddance to 'em.

Oh, did you pick up my biting sarcasm there, per chance? roflrofl.

The positive reverse side is that at exactly the same time as I was reading that rubbish, I managed to establish an extended local networking connection with one of the local arts groups to promote the Singer-Songwriters night. Now that's what Facebook should be used for (IMHO), not letting people know you're getting your nails done. Savvy?
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. I think pink would suit you :P
    Sorry I couldn't help it and I thought that might be one that you are eliminating ... one of the sidekicks I have hidden after an inappropriate comment (at least in my books), plus even though I love my coffee I am sick of bloody latte :)

  2. Well I thought it would be a place just to catch up and know people are still alive! Or just say HI even! Turns out it was a place for certain people I know to spy on each other and make their own deductions about everyone else! Good riddance to the lot of them! And Bah humbug too! LOL!

    And for the record, I don't paint my nails! haha!

  3. Actually, I need to fix a nail hahaha


  4. The Facebookers I've culled are NOT any of my Blog readers, OK? Thanks :)

    I thought it'd be a place to catch-up and hang out with friends as well, but it turns out it's more of a place where people just want to flood your newsfeed with endless requests for applications, games and requests that simple mean nothing to me in any way! rofl rofl.

    BUT it *has* been a good place to catch-up with people as well... it's just disseminating which people are real and fake, basically.

  5. I have facebook and what I have found it useful for is finding out what my daughters are up too! I love hearing from long lost friends etc and what they are up too.