Thursday, 2 July 2009

Singer-Songwriters @ the Kings

It sure has been an 'interesting' 48-hours so far this week for me... funny how things turn out too... now I'm helping facilitate the local Wednesday night "Singer-Songwriters @ the Kings" events here in town. Whoo hoo!

The two ladies who originally got it going about two months ago have simply stopped communicating with people, it seems (for the 3rd week in a row, they were a no-show, disappointingly)... so, three of us turned-up to play tonight, and set things up ourselves (the venue were more-than-happy), and three people ended-up playing. Everyone there agreed this thing simply needs to keep consistently going each week, so Anita (one of the other performers) and I will continue the on-going facilitation of this thing between us.

It's not a hard proposition... setting-up the equipment takes all of 10 minutes each week, then allowing people time and opportunity to turn up and play... it's simple stuff. No politics, no stress, no fuss. Keeping the music the primary focus, not the ego and bullshit. Whoo hoo. I'll do the admin side of things (keeping people in touch blah blah blah, which is easy-peasy for me).

We've developed a website as well for it, as an online point-of-contact. Nothing has been 100% confirmed as of this moment, but a phone call from the pub's owner tomorrow will rubber-stamp us keeping this positive local event up-and-running, same place, same time.

Tonight was amazing... one girl visiting town literally walked-in off the street with her friends, and although she'd only been playing guitar for less than a year and had never ever performed in front of people before - she was fricking a-maze-ing and blew us all away... mouth-opening / jaw dropping stuff!!! An absolute find! (Photos to follow)

Now THAT'S what these nights are all about - giving people an opportunity to play their stuff in front of people. Whoo hoo!

The beauty of this event NOW will be that we will co-ordinate with the other less-regular similar events here in town, which will give people more options and places to play from now on. No sense in 're-inventing the wheel' and trying to compete against each other, when we're all trying to achieve the same thing.

Tonight was a beauty anyways, besides this... I dropped-in to see what was happening at our 'Entertainment Centre' here in town... "The Wattle Foyer Soiree" is a similar thing to what we're trying to do at the Kings. I'll keep that in mind for next time, as they only host it bi-monthly. It's mainly for young people at Uni to play a bit of music, and share their video artworks. Slightly different to what we're doing, but still a good turn-up, and some a-maze-ing musical performances! For example, four acoustic guitars playing simultaneously... I can't describe the depth, colour and feeling they were getting out of their un-mic'ed instruments!

Afterwards I popped into the Kings to see what was going on... they manager on duty suggested I set everything up and have a play myself, as no-one else had showed-up. I played for about 30 minutes, and again at about 9.30pm for another 30 minutes... people were just kicking-back chillaxing and chatting happily away, a fantastic atmosphere with a roaring log fire on a cold night outside. Plus I got a free meal out of it as well! Added bonus!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. See Mal, every cloud has that silver lining, you just gotta have faith in yourself that it is there...amazing times ahead I predict!

  2. sooooooooooooo happy for you!!! sometimes all it takes is one good day to make all the bad ones, not so bad!

  3. Hugs xxxx Ditto to what Caz said. She is one wise woman! Sounds like lots of fun! Looking forward to seeing the pics.