Wednesday, 1 July 2009

One door closes...

Aint it always the way? For the last three Tuesday nights I've been driving a 164km (101 mile) round trip to play some live solo original music at The Imperial Hotel at Mt Victoria, on the Blue Mountains. The usual "Songwriters' Tuesdays" have been running there weekly quite successfully for the last 18 months... however, next week will be the last one! It's closing down - D'OH! Just when I was getting into the swing, mood and feel of the place each week too.

It looks like the regular "Sing Song Sung" songwriters nights on Wednesdays here in town have died in the bum too. The two ladies who had been running it just seemed to have disappeared, and nothing seems to be happening with it anymore, which is a total shame, it really is. That always seems to happen around here... just when something new in the musical field is getting off the ground, it suddenly stops cold, and people suddenly loose all interest and forget all about it. Damnit! I feel really sorry for a young couple of girls, who'd only just started writing and singing for the first time... in the five-or-so weeks it'd been running, they'd really blossomed with confidence and style over that time. They are the sort-of people who miss-out when these events go arse-over-tit.

Between you and me, I think the ladies who were running the Wednesday night thing were going about it from the wrong perspective - they were trying to make money out of it (wtf...?!?), plus it's kinda in competition with what now I've discovered are two similar (if somewhat less regular) local "Singer-Songwriter" type events. I'm gonna work my arse off to let EVERYBODY know what's on when and where, regardless of who is putting it on. People need to know what's on when and where, so they have options to plan towards getting there and playing themselves.

I'm not doing it to make a quid out of it. I just want to see people given an opportunity to perform their original stuff in front of people, rather than staying stuck in their bedrooms writing pieces of art no-one may ever hear.

Yes yes, there are a few other opportunities to play around here, but I'll just have to work my arse off even harder and make a sample demo CD and bio/Press Kit blurb my first priority for now, just so I can get some ongoing work. There's a possibility of getting some airtime on one of the local radio stations as well, but that's a wait'n'see.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. That's really disappointing as I know you were enjoying the evening if not the drive.

  2. The drive was good too... only took about 55 minutes one-way, as you sit on open 2/4-lane country highway the whole way (Australian "country highway" means 100 km/h thru lots and lots of bush... so most of your attention is spent being wide-eyed on the lookout for kangaroos that may jump out randomly right in front of you in the darkness!)

  3. what a dissapointment...but i am sure that something will come...
    one door closes...but another will open... ;)