Monday, 29 June 2009

Damn it

Who am I kidding? I listened to those mixes I did yesterday, and today they honestly sound like absolute garbage, absolute $#ite. I'm gonna have to start again from scratch mixing them, which makes me really pissed off at myself. The actual performances are OK, but the mix is woeful. I'm really disappointed.

I know you guys don't appreciate this really, considering how much thought, time, effort and emotional $#it I've invested into this, to have it ending up sounding like absolute garbage.

I well-and-truly suck.

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. No, I do. I'm useless. Major rework needs to be done before anyone hears a peep of this.

  2. One thing I've found over the years (and I've had many of them) is that the artist is usually more critical of his/her work than other listeners. I know every time I listen to something that I've recorded and mixed I can always think of something that I could have done better. But when I let someone else hear it they usually think it's fine.

    In other words, don't be so hard on yourself. Find a test audience and let them have a listen.

  3. I'm sorry you feel so disappointed, howevdr, like others have said yo might be hyper-critical of your own work.
    Anyway better luck next time around.

  4. It likely doesn't sound nearly as bad as you think it does. Get someone objective to evaluate it!! Don't drive yourself nuts!!

  5. you'll get it mal! don't be so hard on yourself..

  6. You have to take that step back..relax and let your talent flow mate.
    You work hard on it, I know, but now I am thinking you need to let it flow..just like when you jammed with an old mate a while back... please don't be so hard on yourself.

  7. OK Mal- step back, relax, write down 5 things in your day that have an element of happiness in them. Even if it was a mouthful of food, or a satisfying scratch of a mossie bite! Then tomorrow, do like them other hoomans said- step back, reassess and maybe not much needs to be redone at all.
    Hugs matey! ((O))