Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Aint it always the way? Yesterday my printer worked absolutely fine. This afternoon, absolutely nothing. Checked the manual, check online help, and finally checked with one of their phone tech support people (here in Australia, not in India! lol). Basically, it's broken... "planned obsolescence" as it's only about 5 years old. He told me in all honesty it'd be cheaper to buy a new one that pay to get this one repaired! Go figure!

So... off to Dick Smiths tomorrow and grab one... I can get one that'll do everything I need it to do for less than $150... but that's $150 I was NOT anticipating having to spend. Yes, I DO need the printer... luckily I printed out a whole heap of stuff yesterday successfully with no problems. Oh well... shite happens.

I'm off now to facilitate the Singer-Songwriters @ the Kings tonight... wish me luck! I was sick as a dog last night... by the time I got all the way home from Mt Victoria I was acutely physically sick in the driveway... I didn't even manage to get inside the house! Housing off the driveway after midnight would not have endeared me to my neighbours, but what can you do?

School holidays start here from Friday for two weeks... hopefully I'll be able to spend some quality time with my sons. Hopefully.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Enjoy the boys' time with you Mal, I bet you will all have a great time :)

  2. Argh....I hate that, but he is right, quite often it's cheaper to replace them than have them fixed.

    Sorry to hear you weren't well last night but you have the holidays to look forward to and spending time with the kiddos :)

  3. shit happens but as well so does magic happne.I wish Magic for you okay

  4. Mal I have been looking at cattledogs of computer selling places and you can get a fairly reasonable printer for much less than $150, just make sure it's cheap and easy to fill the ink tanks, we've made that mistake more than once in the past.

    Hope your tummy is feeling better.

  5. Yeah, I just recycle my old printers now as well, seeing they can be picked up reasonably cheap.

    Good to hear the music's going well. Good luck with it!

  6. Thanks. yes yes, tis one of the first things I thought of about getting a new printer... was the cost of the ink replacement... I've been using "Cartridge World" a lot of a while which saves about %0% on that :)

    Tonights' music went really well, with two brand new faces along, plus one pair of old regulars who hadn't been there for about a month. Great!!!

  7. Good luck and I hope you have some fun with your boys!

  8. I feel your printer pain...mine all-in-one will no longer scan, and has a melt-down if I try and print more than 20 pages. Seeing as I just got the puter up and running, I'll have to plug along with this one for now.

    I do hope you're feeling better.

    Have fun with the boys.

  9. Now while I am sorry for your printer woes, your choice of D'oh as a title is kinda freaking me out! Today I was tortured with shopping for boys clothes (God boys are worse than girls!) and guess what he got? Bart simpson this and Bart simpson that! Ewwwwwwww! Now stop freaking me out and sing me a song!

  10. New printer tales... minimum cost of getting old one repaired: $50 PLUS labour.

    Price I paid for a brand-new one yesterday (that does everything the old one did): $68.00.

    Go figure!

  11. I better not speak too loudly but touch wood we are on our second printer in almost 10 yrs which isn't bad. It's the cost of ink that gets me and we don't really do that much printing.

    Hope you feel better soon and fingers crossed you get to spend some of the holiday time with your sons (hugs)

  12. Phill has had success in the past buying cheap ink online, just a thought. Not sure where he gets it now, out of my area of expertise.