Monday, 6 July 2009

9 Down...

Nine of the 20 songs I'm working on for the Lancelot's Pram solo album are finally complete... this time the mixes sound pretty darn good. Two songs sounded better merged into one, so that's one less. I also finalised the final lyrics for my remaining three songs, and there's just a bit more recording to be done, and it'll be almost finished! whoo hoo! I probably won't put all 20 tracks on the actual CD, but leave a small handful as "available online-only" ones, for people to download if they want a few free bonus tracks to listen to.

My bodyclock is upside down again... my lunchtimes come around at midnight again... sheesh!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Yeah well make me a midnight sandwich! ;)

    You're doing well my friend, keep up the great work, can't wait to hear the new album.

  2. Glad to hear that they are all coming together finally.

  3. We will all buy a copy no doubt...and will be good to hear them all...I hate it when my bodyclock goes into reverse but sometimes the night time hours are better for working on something without interruption