Saturday, 4 July 2009

Cool Night Air

It sure has been pretty cool around here this evening... I went for a three-block walk into town (one of the beauties of living here) at 8.30 to see who was playing at two of the local small venues... I said to one of the bouncers at one of the places (catch-22... he's a 'bouncer'/security yet there were about 10 people inside! hahahaha. Poor bugger!) that it was so quiet downtown tonight, probably because it was such a cool night out... only 4c / 39f !!!

Down at the Kings (another block down from the first venue) there was a young guy playing solo acoustic stuff to about 12-ish people... it's such a nice little comfy room with an open fire... easy to sit back and chillax to a bit of nice live music. He was good (great voice! Makes me totally envious! lol), and we had a chat about playing and music and stuff... he does the 'circuit' from Sydney to out here, as he's based in the Blue Mountains. Good on him! But it's a long haul for him, he admits... he has fun playing the same as I do, so we had some good chats while he was setting up.

Mind you, I walked home home just after 10... not exactly a "big night out", considering I was only drinking lemon squashes! hahahahaaa.

I spent a few hours online earlier, basically "Networking" using Facebook to help promote the Singer-Songwriters @ the Kings on Wednesday nights here. It's coming along famously, with so little effort! There's good positive contacts via email already with people from other towns (as well as around here), so things like this should just run themselves eventually. Excellent! Oh yes, we'll start putting flyers and handbills up early next week for it as well.

Random thought... just a great venue... on these cold nights it's cosy with log fires going inside. In summer when it warm, there's plenty of shaded space outside in the beer garden!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Glad that you sound so happy. I am happy for you!!!

  2. Ahhh log fires...cannot go past them, and a nice drinky in the hand..and good musc...magic!

  3. of that John Denver sing about "Toledo Ohio" sure it waas better than that