Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Anita Willey's Music

Here's some of the music that was recorded right here in my back room about two weeks ago, by a very talented local singer-songwriter Anita Willey. Here's her Myspace site, where you can hear some samples of her great music and voice. She is seriously talented!


It's encouraging for me to see some little thing I've done has helped and encouraged another muso continue with their own stuff.

Health issues stay high on my plate for me this week... now 'they' have diagnosed basically what they don't know what it is as "Irritable Bowel Syndrome", which basically means that I'm constantly on the trot (or feeling as tho I need to be), feeling bloated, and not digesting food properly.

Such fun.

Don't you wish you were me? lol

I'm actually feeling quite happy within myself lately, even if a lot of thing in my life are up the shite. But... such is life :)
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing Anita with us all Mal, shes very talented!

    IBS is no fun from everything I have ever heard. I am sure there is something the docs can give you to calm that down a bit and keep you feeling well.

    Hang in there man, and keep smiling the way you always do! Great to be in touch!

  2. she has a great voice...thanks for sharing.

    I hope your feeling better soon...

  3. So what is the treatment for IBS? Can you control that with diet? Is it related to stress and depression and such? Must do some research. Hope you can get a handle on it soon. And send me your bloody postal addy already!!!

  4. The treatment for IBS is basically "let's try this, let's try that..." in other words, there is no cure or no real solution to long-term cure or whatever. i guess I've just gotta live with it as long as I can stand it, i guess. Such is life.

    Hey Trish, I've emailed you! No worries :)

    And yes, Anita really is a very talented singer-songwriter, and she's very humble and really doesn't realise how good she is! She'll be playing at "Singer-Songwriters @ the Kings" tonight, thankfully :)

  5. Wow Mal, thanks so much for all your support and encouragment! Your amazing. I was thinking this morning how much was going on right now, and how none of it would be if it wasn't for you so THANKS!!!!

  6. You're welcome! It's a privileged being able to encourage someone locally with real musical talent and passion :)