Sunday, 26 July 2009

Live on the Radio

I've been invited to perform at a live radio concert next Sunday.

"Lancelot's Pram" has been invited to perform in 2 MCE-FM's 'Sounds Live' acoustic concert, next Sunday 2nd August, at the Pontoon Theater @ CSU in Bathurst, 2-4 pm.

2MCE-FM is working with Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (AMRAP) to record a compilation CD of Sounds Live for distribution to community radio across Australia.

The concert will be broadcast live on 2 MCE-FM and streamed live on the internet via their website:

'Sounds Live' Blog: (Random thought... Anita Willey is playing as well... she's the lady whos' music demo I recorded the other week. That's very satisfying to see her playing as a result).

It's from 2-4pm, Sunday 2nd August. That's Australian Eastern Standard Time (ie Sydney NSW). The radio station website for the streaming is
Here's a website to work out what time it will be for you then, the 'World Clock':

It's been an interesting few weeks... playing live, recording, finally releasing the CD album, and now playing on live radio and being recorded to boot!

It's all good fun tho... it's not a big thing (honestly), just the way things are panning out at the moment. I'm simply going with the flow.

I keep listening to the CD, and going "wow!" - yes, I actually like it! I guess that's a good thing. lol.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. That's exciting news. Good luck with it.

  2. That's great Mal. And glad you're having fun.

  3. Wow, Mal- you're having a really good streak! The longer it goes the longer its likely to stay pretty up for a while! Send me some more good vibes through the interwebs and I'll see if I can absorb some of it!
    Have things set up so I'll listen to the broadcast now! Woot!

  4. Great going Mal...hope you have a ball at the radio show.

  5. So do I get to review it for mossip? Huh huh?

  6. The wireless? Och! Parallel lives!!!