Friday, 22 May 2009

Lancelot's Pram

My gorgeous sons SJ & Ix at the car rally went watched together last Sunday.

One of the rally cars scooting past us, about to throw up a shower of dust for a big left-hand-corner... we saw everything, but no crashes thankfully.

The view from the middle of the bush in Sunny Corner looking back eastwards towards Wallerawang and Lithgow. There's the steam from one of the power stations (Mt Piper) off in the distance too.

There's a few other photos you can take a peek at here.

Here's moi singing and playing my 30-minute-set at The Kings Hotel last Wednesday night. Can you spot the tiger?

For the first time in about 10+ years, this week I sat myself down and went thru all my original songs and bits and pieces I've written over the years (the joys of keeping all my ancient stuff all together in one old thick dog-eared exercise book)... I'd never actually sat down and put them all down in one list at once before, unbelievably. What was more unbelieveable was that the total amount of songs I've written over the last 20+ years came to over 70!!! Good golly, I had no idea it was that many!!! Of course, not all 70 are 'any good'... you've gotta write a lot of rubbish until one or two stay the distance, you know! heh heh.

So my pet project for the next few weeks will be to record about 30 of these... the 30-or-so that are relatively alright! Just some quick guitar-voice stuff, and see if I can do anything with them. I mean, last week I finally finished some lyrics for a song I'd written back in 1988!!! (I knew the concept for the lyrics back then, but I'd never actually sat down and written suitable words for it until last week! Go figure!) I guess while I'm on a roll... can do the recording here at home easily enough and give it a nice earthy ambiance, hopefully. Oh, just mix it up a bit too.

The plan was to write and record a band album this year anyway, so a solo acoustic kinda one will be just as fun for me. I'm hoping to be able to get Julian to drum on some of them, tho. For a really obscure reason (and another story for another post!) this solo project will be known as "Lancelot's Pram"!

I'm no amazing singer-songwriter, I know that. I do it for fun, for a bit of entertainment. I'd better put some of them down on 'tape' I guess, while I still can... this is the first time I've had any sort-of motivating encouragement to actually record any of my own material and play it for other people for 20 years!

Blah blah blah.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Hey I think writing a song and putting it to music is pretty damned amazing! Not everyone can do it! Be proud of yourself. You are doing great! Glad you are out performing and having fun.

  2. Yes but how did the gig go Mal?????

  3. I already told about that in yesterday's post, Col! lol. I'm playing two songs (depending on how things go on the night) next Wednesday as well at the same place.

  4. Let us hear some please mate :)

  5. I see the tiger on the speaker.

    it's amazing how many songs you could sing and play...I can't remember what happened 10 minutes ago to store lyrics of

  6. You have got to record and copyright your songs... my youngest has some amazing in particular gives me the cold chills when I hear it...I have begged her to record them and copyright them...hope this will too must do many songs have been played over and over...many because they are actually good stuff...which is fine...but how much good stuff is out there...?