Sunday, 19 April 2009


Sometimes I get flashes of lyrical inspiration that I hear as a piece of music as in a song... I woke up with this concept running thru my head this morning, for not apparent reason, but heard a rhythm meter for it in my head... sometimes it's better to jot these rambled phrases down, and I can play with them later and turn them into a workable song or something.

Yes, it has been getting cold here lately... we had our first 4c / 39f morning this week, hence the photo of me with a big jacket and beanie the other night. Going out with my old friend on Wednesday night into one of the pubs saw me driving thru our first fog of the season too... welcome to Bathurst, with four seasons in one day. Lovin' it.

Al was one of my groomsmen at my wedding back in 1991. Due to life happening, we hadn't managed to catch-up face-to-face for about 12 years. These days he's a youth pastor at a southern Sydney church, and the proud dad of the handsome young Coop, aged three - with another little one on the way! Good luck to 'em!

Catching up at one of the the local pubs (complete with an Irish theme going) was really great, like we'd seen each other just a few weeks ago, in a sense. Managed to bring back lots of memories of younger years together in just a few quick hours. We talked some serious stuff, we talked silly stuff, and between us we only had three drinks all night - I swears! We've both a similar crazy sense-of-humour, so we re-connected straight away. Plus we've played in bands together, so we had some laughs about those fun memories and mutual friends. I loved hearing about his overflowing joy of being a parent (after being told medically it was an impossibility! ZING! lol), and we shared how depression has affected us in many ways too. There was a lot to talk about, I guess, but we managed to have a lot of laughs along the way. He's a good bloke - one of the few good ones left, I reckon.

Isn't it funny seeing someone again from your younger days? Makes you remember we're not 25 any longer, hey?

Oh, and here's two quick photos from my day with my two younger sons last weekend, up at the car races. Yes, those are genuine un-posed smiles right there... in the end I couldn't get any good clear photos of any of those old classic racing cars, as my simple little point-and-shoot camera aint so good on high-speed shots! Not to worry.

SJ and Ix watching the racing from Reid Park, Mt Panorama. On any normal race weekend in October (ie. when the V8's are on), that hill behind them would literally be shoulder-to-shoulder people... makes me shake my head and wonder how the organizers of these Easter events don't promote these things... we got in for free, as there was no-one at the gate!

The view from Reid Park, Mt Panorama, Bathurst.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. LOL at binary haiku!

    I'm glad you had a nice time with your old friend. I love up north west during the Winter, the fogs and the cold and sometimes the snow. Does it snow in Bathurst? I know it does in Orange.

    Your boys are gorgeous Mal, love that happy photo of them.

    I love the car races too. Especially the October long weekend, back in the good old days of Brocky and his contemporaries.

  2. sounds like you had a good time with an old friend.

    The kids are little heartbreakers :)

  3. 'sixteen'=very good

    You are just going into the weather we are hoping is to be rid of for a few months!

    That sounds like a good evening with your friend and your lads do indeed look very happy.

  4. Haha at the binary.
    Those boys are handsome :)

  5. Sounds like a great couple of days! How nice to catch up with an old friend. Love the big smiles, I always go for the natural shots over the posed ones they are much more fun!

  6. hose boyos are just so handsome..things will work out re contact...they know!