Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Wow, did I sure feel like a right twit, when I realized I'd accidentally stood on my eye-glasses in the dark in the middle of last night!!!

Popped lens, frames twisted and bent, I thought (apart from the obligatory norty words) "there's $300 that I did not expect to spend right now!", thinking of a whole new pair of frames that I'd need to purchase as a result of a pure accident.

Luckily, my old-old pair are the same prescription (albeit rather worse-for-wear these days), but apart from a tight fit, they were fine for a few hours. Luckily my sunglasses (that I wear outside to beat the glare, which my eyes just don't like!) are script ones, and they're still fine.

Anyways... off to the optometrists this morning... they took one look at the manged foot-printed pair, smiled - and fixed them 100% totally fine right on the spot - for absolutely no charge! I was gobsmacked!!!

How's that for service?!?!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Was it OPSM? Same thing happened to me recently, I took them into OSPM (I didn't even get them from there, but I will next time!) and they fixed them for me also, for no charge. That's good business building. Glad you didn't have to fork out the $$$$.

  2. Well at least you did it in the dark! My favourite sunnies just went wayside when they fell off my head and cracked. My charming oldest offspring promptly hurled them in the bin! "Ow Wude!" (I totally could have fixed them with superglue or something!)

    Oh did I mention that I can't see in the sun without them!!!!!! Bloody kids!

  3. What a shame! Don't you just hate that!
    I don't step on glasses at night, I step on bits of bionicle..ouch!!

  4. That's awesome they fixed them for free.

    I am so excited - I am getting Lasik on my eyes in May - no more having to worry about breaking glasses for me!!!!!

  5. That is fabulous!! Sometimes it just goes your way....but why were your glasses on the floor???

  6. Thank God! Our place will fix most things without charging also.

    Sorry i have been went dead!