Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Jordan's Journey

Enough of my $#it... sure I've had a long run of simply bad-luck with health (physical, mental) these last few months. (Sunday night/Monday mornings' kidney stone - the male-equivalent of giving birth! [honestly!] - passed after eight hours of pacing up and down, vomiting from pain, and two days without sleep!)

But a 10-yo child with cancer?

Read it. Rejoice with them. Cry, celebrate, hope, persevere, wonder.

No parent should miss reading this blog. Leave a comment there and encourage them, please?

Their blog
(which I stumbled across quite by accident this morning) simply breaks my heart.

Jordan's Podcast - in her own words, in her shoes - a chance for Jordan to talk more about her experiences with cancer. This week Jordan talks about what it’s like to go in for chemotherapy.

"I'm gonna kick cancer's butt!"

"Jordan’s Journey is a BLOG that follows the life of Jordan Vincent, a child battling a rare brain tumor. The story is told by her father, a writer. When she was first diagnosed with cancer, he started writing emails to a handful of friends with updates on her progress. The updates often contained emotional observations about how Jordan’s Journey affected the whole family. As her visits in and out of hospitals increased, the family was encouraged by friends to post these updates on this blog so that more people could follow her story.

Jordan Marin Vincent began her battle with cancer in January, 2003. She was four years old. She suffers from slow-progressing (but frustratingly persistent) brain tumors. No one is more suited for the battle. People who know Jordan are captivated (and sometimes challenged) by her unique mix of charm and perseverance. She’s not able to keep a journal by herself. The family hopes that one day this BLOG will be her only memory of cancer."

This picture of her mums' face says a more than a million words can ever say.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. so sad! I thank god everyday for 2 happy and healthy children!

  2. Puts all of our so called "woes" into perspective. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Let's all count our blessings today. Misunderstandings with friends, and cranky husbands pale in comparison.

  3. Children are a true gift from god, they have so much resilience to pain and suffering, its quite scary! I am not able to watch this right now but will later. We went through an old classmates of Zaks (yes he did go to school when he was little) having cancer and it broke my heart. You see he was one of the misunderstood kids at school, he was in so much pain and the other kids picked on him! (No-one knew he was sick!) We found out not long after we left the school and I cried for him, because I used to sit there and hug him at lunch time even though my child did not like him. I saw what the other kids did to my boy and to him and he reminded me of my other son so I loved him anyway. I got in trouble once for hugging him as its inappropriate and I told the teacher where to go. Thank god I did. He really needed that hug!

    I remember at one stage hearing he was not expected to live to see 7 years old. I prayed and sent him lots of healing. I wanted to go and see him in Sydney but did not know his family and thought maybe he would not remember me either. Such a raw, helpless and sad feeling.

  4. It is indescriminate to whom it affects and it sucks. I see it all the time at work..there are no words that can find the right reasons..excuses, none.
    Huggs to everyone.

  5. BTW, your "SH^%" is not shit it is important OK!