Monday, 16 March 2009

Just to top-off a horrid week... no, a horrid few months I've had I think...

Tonight I'm passing a kidney stone.

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. That would put anyone in a bad mood!

    I woke up suffering from a bladder infection. Geesh!

  2. ouch!!!!! my mom did that once and just to see her pain made me hurt!
    take care of yourself hun (((hugs)))

  3. Did you.....walk under a ladder? Have a black cat cross your path? Break a mirror? All of the above?

    Your luck has to change soon!

  4. Pat's had calcium deposits and he went through pain hell... I've given birth so to you I say... ouch!!!

  5. OMG! Get to the ER! It is the season for these bloody things I reckon..believe me, I have been on nights in the ER! It is true, men do have labour pains..related to Stones :(

  6. Have to hope this never happens to me...hope its all settled now. Don had bladder stones but Kidney ones I have heard are very painful.

  7. Says oww- they are the WORST! Did you go to ER to make sure it was all gone? And get the pethidine? Steve's brother had these and ended up topping himself after one, so you watch it- there seems to be nothing except drinking lots of water that helps them. Hang in there mate. I don't know how to be more sympathetic.