Friday, 20 March 2009

Not Sure

Not a lot happening here... not sure what to blog or not these days, but that'll pass.

Julian (our drummer) and myself got together Thursday evening for a good two-piece rehearsal/music jam, as the other two guys were unavailable. No worries. It's all good. Julian burnt some music CD's for Andrew, while I got some 'mudmap' charts together for him. Tis all good teamwork, and I'm excited with that.

I'm still a bit tender in the nether-regions after that kidney stone incident on Monday morning...

I've been awaiting some refreshing rain and thunderstorms to refresh everything here most of the day... but when I checked the radar, it seems two large storms have bypassed here both to the north and south! Go figure!I'm going to keep encouraging you to visit Jordan's Journey, and leave a simple message to encourage this family. Their story continues to inspire and break my heart at the same time. Is there a god? The jurys' out on that...

funny pictures of cats with captions

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Yeah I'm a wimp, I can't bear stuff about kids with life threatening illnesses.

    I tell myself I've done my time having lost a child of my own but...........yeah I'm a wimp.

    Re blogging, I decided long ago to just write what I am feeling, and if "some people" can't handle that, they can just stop reading.

  2. mellow is good mal! I accept when things are mellow! lol

  3. I will visit her blog...her parent's hearts must be so broken but no doubt there is a lot of love between them all. Loved the cat...always cats are so unique.

  4. Just blog when ya feel like it Mal :) We will be here when ya need us.
    Re the cartoon at the bottom. It is as funny/silly as me (the nurse) waking you for your "sleeping tablet time" haha. But, I do know that it is no joke. Insomnia is just plain awful, it makes you go nuts literally!
    But hey... I don't Do Mornings anyhow!

  5. Bad luck with the stones man. Don't give up bloging. You like it too much.