Saturday, 7 March 2009

EQD ii

EQD totally blew me out of the water with their performance last night, at one of the local pubs here in town.

It's eclectic jazz-funk-fusion bass'n'drums'n'sax (in other words, not everyone's cup-of-tea!), but woah! What a sound. What a vibe. What feeling, passion, skill, talent!

Yes, just a local three-piece of drums, bass and sax - yup, no vocals, no guitar or keyboards - and it totally works! I've never heard a sax played thru a wah-pedal before - simply brilliant!
Oh yes, that's a SIX-string bass he's playing there!!!!

There were moments of Miles Davis / John Coltrane entrancement... there were moments that took me out to sitting 'out the back' sitting in the surf awaiting the next wave to ride (I don't know how else to describe the sound-experience! It was gorgeous to allow the music to take me to places I haven't been [within my mind/soul] for a long time!)... there were moments of humour (A Sesame Street rap? Glorious!)... there were moments that, as a bassplayer (and someone who wholly appreciates the natural modest skills of a good drummer), just made me wet my pants, as a rhythm section they were that good.

I've never heard anyone play some of the stuff they did live ever before! Like - woah! Almost surreal. Such jaw-dropping dexterity in playing, yet so modest.

Julian (our drummer) and I sat there enthralled... he'd heard them before and knew what to expect, but I'm still gobsmacked.

It's a real shame, really, that they're only playing out here in the Central West. The local bogans had no idea of what to make of 'em! They should seriously be showcasing at The Basement in Sydney, or doing the rounds of the traps in Melbourne. They'd be HUGE! Ahhh... the joys of outrageously-over-talented musicians living in rural Australia. There were a total of 10 people there, most of whom were local musos, so everyone kinda knew everyone anyways! lol. The locals didn't know what to make of it ("No vocalist? No guitar? What is this shit?" kinda dumbass responses - you could see it in their faces, as they walked past to play pool! lol), but the rest of us were blown away.

Matt was there too, but he was outrageously drunk, so enough said.

I was only out of the house for about 2 hours at the most. I got home before it got too cold, before my chest started feeling too heavy, before I stopped enjoying the experience. Of course I only drank soft drink (sodas), because I knew if I had only even one beer, I'd fall fast asleep!

Julian had to leave early anyways - his youngest daughter had her immunisation needles yesterday, and needed to get home to do the "night shift" - he's an awesome dad!

At least I got to listen to some of the cricket on the radio (thank you, ABC Radio Grandstand!!!) when I got home. Whew. This series is not on free-to-air TV, and as I cannot justify the outrageous cost of Pay-TV (I honestly do not watch that much TV anyways thesedays), listening to the cricket on the radio is good fun. Yes, those ABC radio cricket commentators are hilarious, the way they rabbit-on about all sorts of stuff - and mention the cricket every now and again!

I'm playing U2's new album "No Line On the Horizon" on high-rotation at the moment...

And I spoke with M (ie. the boys' mum) last night... I'm going to contribute to the cost of them taking the boys to The Show today, and she's fine with that. There's no way I could possibly take them, which I'm feeling pretty frustrated and dissapointed about. i] I wouldn't want them to catch this chest thing! ii] I wouldn't have the 'breath' to walk around a Show all day, and iii] my left foot/heel is a bit tender again anyways! (It's usually only a bit uncomfortably tender when I first get-up after sitting down for any extended period, or walking around after wearing shitty shoes for a while! The limp is pretty funny, tho...). So yeah... I'll be sitting at home quietly for a few more days, rugged-up.

Go figure!

But I'm happy. Bugger it - in spite of everything, especially all the uncalled-for negative health stuff that's been happening with me just recently, I'm happy.

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. so glad you got out and got some the pic!

  2. Have to love the good old country show eh? Love the smell of horses and cow manure!

  3. The power of music, it is amazing where it can take us. Sounds like a well deserved and needed night of joy and being re-energized. Wonderful! Great picture.

  4. Awesome Mal! I hope it made you feel better too mate!

  5. Yay! Glad you had a great time! Lookin' good. Luv that smiley face! I agree about not going to the show too, you really don't want to pass on the heebies to the kids. Im sure they will appreciate the extra spending money. Hope you are feeling better with your chesty infection. Hugs xxx