Friday, 6 March 2009


I've slept like 14 hours today... well, in fits-and-spurts of every two-hours-or-so, that is. Still feel a chest-full of glue, but head is clearer. Doctor wants to keep an eye on it, in case it starts turning into pneumonia!!! Geebus!

So much for taking the boys to the Bathurst Show this weekend. Shit. I feel hopelessly terrible about that as it is.

I'm going to go out tonight all the same... just a very low-key night at a local venue, where a very eclectic jazz-fusion band called EQD is playing. Hey - this is Bathurst, so there's probably going to be like five people at a gig like that here! lol. Julian (our drummer) is going too, so hopefully we can catch-up for a bit and have a chat. I have no problems with Julian at all. He even wrote me a reassuring email last night, bless 'im. Thankfully, the place is like a 6-minute walk door-to-door, so if I start feeling deathly or something, homes' not too far away. I've just gotta get out of this place (hey! That sounds like a song! lol).
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. HAve a good time tonight. If your body tells you it is getting oo tired, make sure you leave then ok :)

  2. You "Norty" boy! And I thought I was bad going out all day with my laryngitis! (hehe! Now thats funny, ME not able to talk! Yep its cracking all of them up) But seriously, you take it easy and KEEP WARM, chesty infections are NOT to be played with. Mind you, you sing to your hearts content, its good for opening up those clogged lungs! Hugs (but no smoochies today, I have enough heebies of my own thanx) Take care and Oh yeah, HAVE FUN!!!

  3. Hope you get well to be sick