Sunday, 4 January 2009

So Quiet

I did pop downtown for a little while tonight. I wanted to get out of the house (maybe a little bit of 'cabin fever', but it was more just feeling a bit lonely!) and go see if there was any live music playing around town.

Tis the beauty of living just a 7-minute stroll from the centre of town here... but I've rarely seen downtown so quiet on a Saturday night!!!

I first popped into the Park Hotel (where we played the other night) - and I was literally the only person in there to watch two young guys just doodle away happily (and very well, I may add) on acoustic guitars and singing away fantastically. They didn't need me there to play... they were just doing it for the chance to play music together. Yeah... it was nice to be able to sit back and have my own private duet play music for me for a little while! Very surreal tho, in an empty pub!

After about 20 minutes of listening, having a chat to them between their songs (just thanking them for their playing, no brown-nosing or sucking-up, just showing some appreciation), I thought I'd try one of the other pubs in town that would have some live music on as well. That was about a two-block walk away... I think I saw about three other people walking around on my travels... sheesh. So quiet!

The Family Hotel is one of the more-popular venues around town, and there was a fairly decent amount of people around... however, there was a distinctly "desperately singles" feel about the place, and it kinda creeped me out a bit. The band was one of their regulars, a three-piece rock'n'roll band (not dissimilar to ourselves) who were playing their stuff very proficiently and effortlessly to a watching drinking hoping-to-chat-someone-up kinda audience.

I didn't stay for long... I watched them play a few songs and quickly headed for the door... I despise those kinda "meat markets" feels in places like that.

To be honest, I would have much rather have preferred to sit around and had a nice social cuppa with some old friends tonight! But no-one seems to be around... everyone I know seems to have taken the last-minute opportunity to go away for a few days while everything is so quiet around here.

But at least I got out and about OK... but I just couldn't believe how quiet is was downtown. Staggeringly so.

It's been really kinda strangely freaky... every time I pick up the guitar (and I leave it set-up sitting in my back room so I can pick it up and have a "lash" at any time [I used headphones quietly so i don;t disturb anyone, naturally] - I'm so lucky and thankful I've got the space and freedom to be able to do this all now... I never did for so many years...)... every time I have a play, new ideas come out... the strange part is that they seem to be flowing out so easily.

I'm not trying to big-note myself here. I'm not writing "monster hot epics" or anything outrageously amazing that's gonna change the face of modern music... just nice feeley grooves and rhythms with nice changes and harmonic ideas. It's more-or-less fleshing out off-the-cuff "doodles" that seem to be flowing thick and fast lately. For this I'm really thankful, simply because it makes the songwriting process such a more simpler task, when there are ideas popping into my head and out of my hands and mouth every single time lately. Very surreal!

I think it's just the subconscious freedom of not having someone elses' shackles tying me down... probably? I dunno... but I'm enjoying it, that's for sure.

And yes... it really is after 2am in the morning! One of the stoopid side-affects of these meds from last week has thrown my sleep patterns absolutely cock-a-hoop... it feels about mid-afternoon for me right now, dagnammit! She'll be right and we'll get there.

I'm actually feeling quite alright within myself... try to believe and appreciate that this is a nice place and feeling for me to be in!!!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Quiet here too Mal, everyone I see is commenting on it (all two of 'em).

    I'm thinking of going away myself this week, might take a couple of nights in Sydney with Phill and take my chances with the chickens.

  2. Hey Mal, I think it has done you some good (sounds so bad my English right now!) to watch those guys bounce off of each other and just play their hearts out at that venue. I love to sit and just soak up the sounds, I think when you close your eyes and the vibrations connect with your soul then you know it is a good thing.
    The singles thing....when I went out the other night with my friends I had a few guys ask, "So, are you married?" I was like, "Yes, very happily". "So where is he then?" "At home looking after our 4 children". "Oh, so he doesn't mind you going out?" "Of course not, why should he?" They had no response.
    I think because I weas out with a group of girls and we were all well dressed they think we are all "on the market". I sort of know how you felt at the singles place..I enjoyed my night out, but something told me it was mainly for the singles.
    Your clear thinking with your music must be your soul settling down... it is good, just run with it. I know Santana arrive with fab tunes when they just "be". It shows when they play.
    Have you heard of Bonnacci and Wood? they are an acoustic playing duet. I heart them muchly, they are from Melbourne.
    Re your meds, I guess you know it takes a good 2 weeks for these things to take appropriate effect... take it easy and just watch what they are doing ok :)
    Huggs, Cazzie

  3. Your night out was better than mine; I went to the grocery store to get out of the house!! Well, that, and indoor soccer game earlier. The goddess was playing and she is soooo out of shape from the holidays. Her team got STOMPED 10 to 0. I made her run home behind the car....JUST KIDDING!!!

  4. You guys are great! Thanks for making me laugh.

    Running behind the car... what a classic image! hahahaaa.

    Yes yes, you've absolutely nailed it, Cazzie. When you just "Be" rather than "Do", it's always worked, no matter who or where I've played with/at. Because it's coming straight out of you without any manipulation or ego or anything blocking the way for the 'good vibrations' to flow... sounds corny, but it's true. I'm lovin' it! I would have loved to have had a play today, actually, but Julian's away and the two other guys I would have got together with for a bit of effortless pleasure are away right now too. Dang! lol.

    Such is life.

    I really appreciate the meds have had their effect (and for that I'm most grateful for)... the thing that dissapoints me to a small degree that after the tooth/teeth come out on Wednesday, they'll be wanting to pump more of 'em into me. Bugger it! I'm feeling a whole lot better today, actually... let's just say the 'Metameucil' has begun it's long-overdue work [cough] rofl.

  5. I just don't go out at night...its too darn dark when I get back home...nothing is as dark and a moonless australian night in the bush.

    My trouble with going anywhere these days is that everyone seems to have someone...never noticed that when Don was alive...sometimes it just gets too sad.

    Sometimes the old "cabin fever" strikes and you have to get out...(now it has a name and i know what to call it...thanks mal)

    which I plan on doing after I finish here...go for a drive ...I love going for drives.

  6. I haven't been out in so life is work and home errands...once in a blue moon i manage to go to bingo...sometimes I wonder how I got to be so old.

  7. Glad ythe metamucil has worked Mal, it is all too important to keep the factory oiled and working! especially when you are on meds, pain meds often slow the works down too don't forget.