Friday, 2 January 2009


I think this is three posts in one day? Luckily blogger is 24/7, huh?

I'm sorry to say that a fellow blogger (with whom I had the privilege and pleasure to share a friendly cuppa with at one point) has decided to bring to an end their blogging adventure for the time being. Ms Caroline of NSW (ex Beelzebublog), I've really appreciated the journey you've shared with us while you were blogging. I appreciate your time, wisdom, humour and yourself that you've put into it. Thank you for sharing of yourself this way. Of course, you decision to wind down your blogging journey is your own, and I wholly respect that. Everyone blogs for different reasons, and she just feels it's achieved for her what she hoped it would. That's excellent, and I'm very excited for you, Ms Caroline. My most sincere best wishes go with you.

But dang - I'm really gonna miss catching-up with you via your blog all the same!

I may have to drop-in for another friendly cuppa some time - tho this time I'll make a pre-arrangement! lol.

Oh gawd... Matt will drive me to despair, he really will. Now he's sending me long, crawly sms text messages practically begging us to let him back in the band, begging forgiveness, proclaiming undying love, blah blah blah.

The guys' obviously very drunk and rambling... again.

I'm simply not going to tolerate or play along with his childish games and ever-changing agendas.

Proudly promises one thing and sets out to achieve the exact opposite.

If Julian wasn't away this weekend with his family, I know we'd be out playing somewhere anyways - just for the fun of it. No dramas, no stress, no hassle. The way it used to be when we all started out happily together. When it was all about the music, remember Matt?

No, I guess not...

Enough of that. (Palm-slaps self)

I went to jump in the car and go for a bit of a spin around the coutryside this arvo, but yeah... I ended-up having a little bit of a dizzy headspin as I was getting into the car. I guess I'm not as strong as I thought I was. Obviously those bloody medicines have knocked me about a lot more than I'd realised. I think I'm just feeling a little old and weary today, that's all...


It was prefect sailing weather for me this afternoon (light breeze, glorious sunshine... the still gazing-blue water beckoned me!)... but I realised and admitted I simply hadn't the strength in my body at the moment to get my little boat on-and-off the trailer to get out there onto the water, even for a little while. Dagnammit! The local dams' water level is actually 100%+ capacity... overflowing here for the first time in about five years. My poor boat remains in its parking spot, its cover getting ever-the-more-slowly thinner with the Aussie elements acting upon it... [sigh]

I paid Coles a quick visit later this evening tho... what an outrageous Friday night I'm having, huh? heh heh.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. You've been very prolific since I last visited. It's always sad when a blogging buddy decides to call it a day. In the twenty eight months I've been blogging it's happened quite a few times. I always appreciate if people explain why they are going because otherwise you are left wondering if everything is OK.

    At least you know what Matt is doing(or not doing!) and you are right not to back track-don't go soft!

    Hope the affects of the meds don't last too long...because that boat is clearly calling!

  2. what a refreshing change to find an Aussie blogger

    I'm from London but was nearly BORN in Adelaide... long story but my parents were going to be £10 poms but never made it out...

    found you quite randomly via friends of friends and hopping out... thought I'd say hi while I was here

    have an excellent 2009 mate!

  3. I hope you are eating, you need to keep up your strength. (That's the mother in me talking). When I'm not well I find soups are comforting and keep me going. I wish I could get some of the frozen chicken and vegie (homemade) soup to you somehow.
    Not long now till you can see the dentist in Sydney, how will you get there? Hope you're okay to drive.

  4. Have a good rest, keep hydrated and THEN go for a sail when your body is ready fo it. I know how good it is for you as we had a MOTH sailing boat and a MIRROR too. We also had a half cab outboard for fishing and later on..for rescuing peoples expensive boats(mini ships!) from the river when they failed to work!

  5. wooohooo...water and sailing!

  6. I feel like I've been one of the missing bloggers too.

    Get out of the house when you can!!

  7. Thanks for the obit and kind words. As the day drew nearer to 'delete' it felt a bit like a pre-arranged euthanaisa--not that I was suffering--much.

    I know a very good dentist in Liffgow. Cheap too. Join Westfund Ambulance cover ($20) for a year, which then makes you a member and eligible to use their dental services at a discount rate at Liffgow hosp. Ask for Henriette. (she's a spunk too)

  8. Thanks everyone. It's been a bit of a "hard days' night" for me just this last 36-hours or so... i guess I'm a lot more upset about the whole 'Matt' thing that I realised. But yeah, I'm over it and trying to move on past it, like a bad dream I just have to walk away from. I'm not going back there... having someone who claimed to be your best mate stab you in the back and then act like nothing happened has been pretty shattering, really. It's not going to be easy trusting new people again for a while, which scares the carp outta me. i'm not depressed or anything, just yeah... I'd invested so much time into someone, and to have that thrown back at you this way is pretty disheartening. but yeah... sorry. Blogging just seems to be an easy way to get things off my mind somedays.

    The teeth play up every now and again, but yeah... I'd no idea there'd still be so much discomfort for such a long time. Stops me from getting out too much somedays... it's frustrating, but I'll get there.

    I'm eating OK, but the mix of these meds (which I've obviously cut way back on this last week!!!) still linger with some weird side-affects, including seemingly slowing-up my whole motabilism to almost nil workings! Weirds!

  9. Keep punching Mal. Keep going. The gig story is excellent mate!

  10. Thank you! "Keep punching" I like that! Keep pressing forwards towards the goal, leaving what is behind... hmmm...

    Every time I've been picking up a guitar lately, a new idea comes out! it's kinda... spooky, because... it seems so simple! I guess it's just the freedom of not having someone elses' shackles around me now.

  11. I will miss "Ms Caroline of NSW (ex Beelzebublog)" as well. I think I have read her every post since Brownie put me in touch...also she was blogging from close to where I grew up and I just loved seeing her photos...made me homesick.

    Take care of yourself Mal okay.