Sunday, 4 January 2009

Laff out loud

I'm aching to have a play/jam/music stuff with someone, but yet again, there's no-one around here this weekend.

Literally this morning, Eddie from Cowra rings up asking if he could come over for a jam with the band this arvo! Yes! Woot! Unfortunately (even tho as a band we'd normally be rehearsing this arvo at Milltown anyways)... it'd just be him and I (it just wouldn't be the same in such a beautiful rehearsal space without some drums & percussion - or rather Julian's company as well)... but Eddie's coming into my town tomorrow (for some work-related interviews) and we'll catch-up together then. He'll bring his guitar, I'm sure... so yeah, one lounge-room music fun looming - yay!

Eddie's a perfect guy to just "Be" with when you're playing... you don't have to think or compete or work... we can just sit back and enjoy the mood together. He's not as rock'n'roll as the bands' current sound is - and that is definitely no problem. Heck, I've played so many different diverse styles in my time (from cool and swing jazz to folk to Chicago blues to pop to house music to punk to... you get the picture) that I really enjoy and appreciate them all, whilst never confessing to be a master at any of them. I can still get into those feels and grooves and just enjoy the vibration...

Plus Eddie sings like an angel... [sigh].

When he found out about Matt, of course he was dissapointed too... and practically jumped at the chance and thought of playing full-time with us again! To be honest, it's a very tempting, promising and possibly fruitful move. But yeah... we're both aware that because he lives in a different town, the traveling-time would continue to be a seriously impractical hassle for him. So... one small bridge at a time.

We just love playing with this guy. He just oozes charm. Totally unpretentious, encouraging and relaxable (is that an actual word?)... he is what you would easily call "a real dude".

Oh... you know what it's like when you find "like-minded" people you share a passion with? You keep in touch with 'em.

If I was able to drive the 65-minutes to his place (I'm still not 100% right to drive a good distance yet after 2 weeks on meds), I would have already been there right now! But I'll just have to wait until tomorrow... so my little playmate can come over for a playdate, huh? [giggles happily].

Oh... have you ever thought about signing my Guestmap? No worries!

Just thinking aloud... I have to drive 150 kms/c.90 miles to get to the doctor/dentist this coming Wednesday, to get my wisdom tooth/teeth ripped out. I should be OK to drive up and back by then... but I'm also thinking of all the cheap little places to stop and stay overnight on the way up-and-back as well. Hmmm...

I just said this in a comment, but yeah... as soon as they complete their dental work, they'll be pumping me full of fresh meds again... pooh! Just when I was well getting over them all too. Not to worry. I'll get there.

Thinking of becoming a foster parent, perhaps? Enjoy this hilarious blog post from fellow blogger Jennifer at Daily Diatribes, and think again! Enjoy the smiles on your face - and be prepared to literally laff out loud. hohohohahahaaa.

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Hope you have lots of fun with your "bud"

    You deserve it and need it after what you have been thru the last couple of weeks.

  2. Wow- wish I lived nearby- I'd try to tickle up some of my instruments and get a gig in your band, too! But I can't sing at all- voice as dead and tuneless as a slater. Hope you have a good session with your pal, anyway- boost for the mood!
    I think maybe you won't be allowed to drive after the tooth extraction- I wasn't and none of my friends were. Mine was done under local in the chair- still no driving allowed. Should find a spot to sleep, matey. All the best. (((Hugs)))

  3. Ohh, I so wish I was a fly on the wall to hear you both jam..there is NOTHING like live music, bouncing off of each other..brilliant.
    I have inserted a pin to my location now on your map.
    Dunno, I'd drive on home from the dentist, at least while your mouth is still deadened.

  4. Then again, reading what Murf said above, a room smewhere nice and cheap might be the go hey.