Monday, 5 January 2009

Looking Good

Even Julian has spoken to Eddie about playing together with us as a three-piece band - it's all good. Nothings' been finalised (obviously), but we're planning to all get together on Saturday for a proper rehearsal (Julian, Eddie and myself)... I think we all need it just to blow out the cobwebs of the last two weeks, for sure.

Playing with Eddie will be like... oh, rediculously easy for us to do almost anything we want to. We just need to figure out the timing! Eddie may possibly be moving into this town in the near future, so you never know...?!?

I received a wonderfully helpful phonecall from the doctor/dentist this morning, about 30 minutes before i'd planned to sit down and ring them and ask the questions they answered straight away! The trip to Penrith for the wisdom teeth removal on Wednesday is all set, and because it's only gonna be done under a local anesthetic, I'll be fine to drive back home again no problems. Whew. That'll save a bit of extra cash that I don't have, not having to pay for some extra o'nite accomodation right now. It's all good.

I'm not stressed worried or nervous about the tooth thing... I just wanna get it over and done with now it's been on top of me since 22 December... yup, a few days before Xmas! Sheesh.

Plus these meds keep playing silly buggers with me to boot... I didn't sleep properly last night, and haven't had a good sleep over the past 28+ hours or something... but I'm still feeling awake {albeit somewhat drowsy, for some inexplicable reason!). A bit lightheaded is one of the main reasons I just don't want to jump in my car and go for a drive unless i really have to.

I'm reeeeealy missing seeing my kids as a result of it... i can't begin to explain how hard it is not being in a fit state to spend quality time with them at the moment... sometimes not being able to drive (just for plain safety's sake... i would never put the boys in a situation like that!!!) just to be able to hang out together a bit is blerghy... oh, enough of that, OK?

Thankfully I'm feeling fine happy and balanced within myself. There's no depression or melancholoy or negativity there - tis a lovely place to be.

The ins-and-outs, comings-and-goings of periods between high lucidity and plain dazed sluggishness seem to come and go still... this morning I picked-up my guitar and wrote a catchy little 3-minute pop-rock plain-dumb-ol' song straight away, as easy as it could be - I almost thought it couldn't be that easy, but it was! Catchy it is, and I'll be using it to show the band for sure. twas just one of those moments when my head was felling clear this week and things just came straight out. Blah blah blah.

I think I'm typing this in a bit if a daze! I might have a short mid-afternoon sietsa away from the hot part of the day... but I'm gonna try and not sleep too late.

I'm just rabbiting on here, Paige, just chatting away!

Gees, it was so good to talk to julian again this morning. he's such a good bloke. [happy contented sigh]. He's another one of those "like-minded people" you meet along lifes' jurney, and you just feel oh-the-so much better as a person knowing them.

I might shut up, as I'm just typing almost random stream of consciousness stuff here. woah... i haven't babbled away on a blog for ages, actually. this is fun! silly moi.

Here's even a nice photo to share with you... good morning 2009.

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. I think that's the beauty of blogging you can just rabbit on, let all the thoughts come out on the page. It's cathartic and even sometimes interesting for those getting to know you!
    Glad you can come home after the tooth is pulled. Hope your car has a/c it's hot as Hades in Sydney right now according to the news I just watched. They're all city wimps, they should live in Junee........or Bathurst. LOL
    You sound positive and optimistic and it's good to see. I know you must miss the boys, it's like a physical pain isn't it? Hope you can see them soon, you all need each other.
    ((((((((Hope all goes well)))))))))).

  2. Hey Mal, soak up some sunshine 'cause it's snowing here!

  3. Thank you. i'm sure it's just a mixture of the clarity and fuzziness at monets that makes it easy to just rabbit writing awy. not to worry.

    oh yes, my little car has great A/C, so the drive down and back won't be any sorta issue. i once drove to Brisbane when it was in the high 30's - and i didn;t even realise it until i stepped out for a break in the middle of nowhere! lol. It's comfortably cool, not freezing - that's all i wanted. Prefect for me.

    Yes yes... sometimes I simply cannot talk about how much i miss my children... it's just... i don't wanna go there. it's not that we're seperated or anything like that, it's just the physical miss being with them 24/7, that's all. But because I know they are in a kind, loving, nurturing family environment, i know that are all well, happy and safe. She's a good mum. That stops me from totally loosing the plot when things start to seem pretty dark inside me.

    Silly moi.

    Snow? Sunshine? I'm only just starting to cool down from today's warmer temps - and it's about 11.30 at night! It's not hot at all, just that kinda delayed residual indide-the-house heat is all. No biggie.

    Thanks again for your comments. i really appreciate it.

  4. I am wrapped you have the blog to keep your thoughts going, you do not want to be constipated with thoughts so to speak, lol.
    Just keep on going mate, you are doing well!

  5. sounds like your going to have alot of fun with your mates.

    I hope the tooth extraction is quick and painless.

    here in Michigan we are in the 30 degree F. And I hear were getting 3 to 6 inches on Wednesday.