Wednesday, 14 January 2009

It's ALL Good

Life is going really well right now. This is as close to heaven as it gets for me at the moment!

Eddie moving in has been a real blessing in lots of ways. He's so easy to get along with, and we literally spend our evenings sitting out on the back veranda casually playing guitars and swapping songs and ideas together. For me, that's almost as good as it gets.

As far as the band goes, playing together will be an absolute breeze - but it will feel and sound so GOOD. This year will be brilliant for getting about and playing all over the place. Making a few handy bucks on the side, but the primary reason for all of us is simply to just enjoy playing together. Yay!

We're playing a paying gig next Sunday arvo (25th Jan) at The Kelso Hotel for just three hours. That's the place we played last month. They rang us at short notice, and we can do it no worries, no stress. It's fantastic that we're getting paid follow-up work out of that too. It's just a walk-in playing three sets in their main large function room. Eddie's unavailable that particular day, so Julian and I will do it as a two-piece (guitar and drums). I might invite Matt along to play just one set with us (if he wants to, just for old times' sake, and a bit of fun. There's no hard feelings). But if he's gonna start stressing about it all, forget it. I was going thru our pool of songs that Julian and I can do together, and I had to stop at 40! (That's just Julian and I... with Eddie in the mix the pool of songs comes up to about 160+!!!). That's MORE than enough for a Sunday arvo gig. But yeah - that's plenty to pick-and-choose from depending on how things are going at the time. It's all good.

Eddie took a proper look at the band website for the first time the other day (he doesn't know much about computers at all), and he was absolutely blown away! He's going to leave our details with his regular music booking agent (Eddies' been playing regular paying 'solo' gigs upto now, but wants to stop that so he can play just with us! We are so privileged! He's just aching to play with people again, rather than with pre-recorded backing tracks and midi-files and all that), so we should get a good swag of gigs as a result of that contact. The website is proving to be a perfect point-of-contact for people wanting to know about who-what-why-where etc etc etc.

Spent a few hours with my younger two sons on Monday at the pool in the arvo. We're having a few rather-warm days here weather-wise, so the pool was a perfect option. Our day together on Sunday "thong tossing" at a country race meeting was a hoot too! There's a few new photos on my Flickr pages, if you're interested. :)

This is my 10-yo, Ix.

I know I'm feeling as though I'm "Back" when I can happy and stress-free play with my kids and we can really just laugh hysterically together... playing with funny voices, and even playing music with and for them... yeah, it's been a pretty bad streak for me emotionally-wise these last few years... it's good to begin to feel as tho I am "back" again. Hard to describe, but it's a nice positive place to be in again.

I've now got 10GB of music on my desktop PC, which I'm basically using as a giant iPod/mp3 player-thingie. (My main computer is a really lovely and reliable laptop. I'm not some huge technophile really... I'm not, you know! lol). 10GB is a lot... but to be honest, it's only about 30% of all the music I have on CD's! I enjoy my music, you know...

I told you I was sick as a dingo with that wisdom tooth nightmare over Xmas/New Year. This is NOT a staged or posed photo of me from then! Gagh!

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  1. Mal I'm thrilled things are going so well for you. I think it was fate that you lost your previous house mate as Eddie seems he's already proving to be a good pal. I can just imagine you both on that veranda! It's great you've got another gig coming up (none of my business but think carefully about Matt!).

    Some great photos of your son's-glad you had a good time with them.

  2. OMG Mal sorry to tell you but you look really sick in that photo,hope you are better

  3. Glad to hear things are looking up! Thats my motto this year, "Keep looking up!" I have good feelings for this year! I think its a time for new beginnings for a lot of people.

    Thanks for the daily laugh! That pic is hilarious! (The cat, not you, although you look a little funny too! Poor boy! Hey I am never backwards in coming forwards with my thoughts!) I was already stifling a giggle imagining what our US friends would be thinking about your Thong tossing! LOL!

    So glad you are enjoying your time with your boys! That is most important for all of you!

  4. I TOTALLY changed my mind about even asking Matt about playing that gig next weekend. the guy continues to be a "drama-llama", and Julian and I, as patient as we have been with him, have totally washed our hands of him. It's so sad, really. But his bizarre flip-flopping reactions (yes, even again today he's changed his mind yet again! Geebus!) to his own choices are not our problem.

  5. Mal I think you made the right call.

  6. I got some catching up to computer monitor blew up...but now i have a new and improved one and back in business.

    I am so thrilled that you are in a better place with your mind set..
    so glad that your feeling better with your wisdom tooth gone.

  7. I agree you are doing the right thing re Matt. He does not need "enablers" or whatever the new trendy word is.
    I love that photo of you (sorry you were in pain though) but it's the real you and without sunnies! Glad you feel better.
    Also on a more serious note, I really like that you don't hold back on the bad times, sometimes I feel bloggers want to be a bit too jolly.

  8. Thats a "great" photo of you...I have a few like that but will not be posting them...not yet...hope the teeth are better and sounds like things are picking up for you so that is good.