Monday, 12 January 2009


I've joined Facebook. As usual, I put it off because I thought it'd be really hard... but it's so doggedly simple... I've already reconnected with people I haven't spoken to in twenty years!
Mal Kiely's Facebook Profile
If you want to 'add' me, go for it... of course, I'll only add people I actually know.

Is there some other way to let people know how they can 'add me' on Facebook? Is there a 'link' or something? I don't know how it kinda works that way. No worries. I'll get there.

Stop Press - Tracey showed me how to do it, thank you! Ahh, gotta love networking. The only "social networking" sites I've ever used have been this place and Plurk... I tried MySpace a few years ago (I still have a 'presence' there), but I never use it, as I don't like the feel of it. Facebook seems to be a lot more user-friendly, using the "KISS" rule... it's ridiculously simple.

It's just an 'experiment' for me... just a way of reconnecting with people, that's all. Blogger is going to remain my main online point-of-contact in my mind.

How have you found using different 'social networking' sites?

I've got quite a few ways to be contacted online. How about you?

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  1. You know Facebook is about the only site I don't have a profile on.

  2. Um yeah! I am about as good at Facebook as I am at Plurk! My sister joined me up about a year ago and I only just started to use it. Funny even my mum is on there today and pinged me and started chatting (I had absolutely no idea you could do that on there! LOL!)

    I only started using it as the kids told me their aunty was on there and we had lost contact so it was good to find her! I guess I am actually liking it a bit better now. Its about like the comments section in your blog without the post!

  3. I can't look as I haven't joined face book. Does this mean you will be leaving plurk in favour of facebook?

  4. Thanks. This blog is and will remain my primary point-of-contact online. and no, I'm not leaving Plurk for Facebook. I'm just experimenting with using all three! It's all good.

    I've caught-up with some people I literally have not seen or spoken to in 20 years, thanks to Facebook. so, in that regard, it's been positive for me so far.