Friday, 23 January 2009


Four of us spent about an hour pulling 'sea'-weed out around the shore of Carcoar Dam yesterday morning. Firstly using rakes standing out on the end of the pontoon, then we tried successfully dragging a length of chain between two long lengths of rope across the sandy bottom... we got rid of a lot of the annoying, chocking weed that way. Sundays' Sailability should be fine... let's hope the weed isn't too bad. A bit of mowing, whipper-snipping, a bit of fence-mending, and a good time was had by all.

Mr Hoon and I managed to catch-up over lunch afterwards in Blayney. Our friendship is such that although we don't see each other as often as we like (we live about 50kms away from one-another), we just pick-up where we left off as if we'd never been apart. It's fantastic that way.

I re-visited my cute dentist in the arvo, just to make sure the wisdom tooth removal is all healed etc, which it is. Then she cleaned my teeth properly... mind you, it's the first time I've had that proceedure done since like I was about 18! We sure know my gag-reflex works well, which made us laugh. Whups! It didn't take long and it was all over, and I'm amazed at how smooth my teeth actually feel now! Yay! Cost me $238 tho...

Eddie and I started with a few casual beers when he got home from work last night... then we thought, what the hay, let's go to the pub for a few quiet ones. At least it was air-conditioned there. We had a really good chance to get to know each other a whole lot better. Twas a good night out... needless to say I slept well last night. And all I had to drink was six beers in like five hours! I swears! lol.

Upon waking-up this morning, all I felt was tired! I'm sure no "hero of the wine bottle" these days... it just makes me feel weary! lol.

Eddie is playing three solo gigs in three nights this weekend, poor bloke! He's so looking forward to the relative freedom of playing with 'people' again, rather than just backing tracks. Yay for us!

I'm really looking forward to our first gig Sunday night too. Unfortunately, Matt is still causing some disturbance behind our backs... saying one thing to us and doing the exact opposite behind our backs. Tis nothing dramatic, just annoying fibbing. Needless to say I'm ignoring his childish bull$#it. Bugger him. Regardless, we're pushing on so far ahead in such a short time, it's simply fantastic to be involved with Eddie and Julian this way. So much freedom.

I haven't done so much writing this week... just doodling here and there, really. It's still progressing tho... just some days are easier than others.

I've been doodling a bit with Facebook, but only here and there. It's been good reconnecting with some old friends tho.

Tonight I'm sitting down quietly watching the cricket on the tellie (Tennis? What tennis? lol), doing a bit of hand-sewing - a small bag for the bands' mini cd-player made out of an old pair of jeans! Ahhh... loving the quiet life!

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  1. The tennis interests me especially as Andy Murray is still in, but not enough to stay up at night to watch!

  2. Hope you have wonderful sailing on Sunday...

    Good to hear that you are out there and doing things Mal..You can tell your feeling better these days.

  3. You sew?

    And I agree with Caroline. So glad you're enjoying life so much my friend.

  4. Thank you.

    And sewing? Oh yes...! Santa dropped a small sewing machine under my tree about two Xmases' ago... I've had a 'hussiff' (small sewing kit) for absolutely years! I've sewed my own sailing bags and blade covers, donnas... all sorts of things. mind you, don't look too closely at the straight lines! heh heh.

    Why am i wide awake at 4am?!? Pooh!

  5. Being out on the water sounds wonderful! (It's all frozen here!)

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  6. I spent about 6 months in Blayney a long time ago, I'd rather have a wisdom tooth extracted!

  7. Awesome Mal, I am so wrazpped your tooth...or where the old tooth was is healed! Yayy Beer willgo down well now mate!
    Sailing, sounds devine :)

  8. Is there no end to your talents? Phill actually sewed the curtains and made a light shade for Emily's nursery before she was born.

  9. Hope the gig on Sunday goes well. Stu sews as's great that you can though.