Saturday, 24 January 2009


You know when summer is getting way too hot when...

For the first time since I bought it, I re-strung my gherkin-green electric guitar this arvo!

Normally people change a set of strings on their guitar every few plays (if they play a lot). On my other Les Paul guitar, I change those strings about once every two-or-three months-or-so these days. However, I actually enjoy the sound of old dull strings on at least one of my guitars. Be that as it may, they were actually starting to get a bit rusty - after a whole year of playing fairly regularly with them. Yes, the same set that they came with! hahahahaa.

Putting stings on this guitar is slightly different to normal... instead of sliding the strings thru small holes on the tailpiece, you have to slip tiny loops on the ends of the strings over little lugs sticking out instead. Twas something different... it took a little bit of twiddling until I got the hang of it, but all done with no worries.

Now it sounds like a million dollars, just in time for our first gig of the year tomorrow night.

I worked out some set-lists for us to play, and I had to stop myself at FIFTY songs! That's about 20 too many... but a good pool to draw from depending on what's happening at the time tomorrow. If they want us to keep playing, then that won't be a problem either.

When Eddie gets back on Monday night (it's Australia Day public holiday on Monday), we're gonna keep working thru band songs together. He pulled his keyboard-piano out, and I've already written a little piece we could use already... the first thing I've written on piano for months. Changing to a different instrument is refreshingly different sometimes. I successfully worked out a string (ie violins) arrangement of a song we'd discussed last week. We're also gonna look at exploring playing some reggae - which is something I know how to do in my head, but I haven't actually played much of it. So, I downloaded two CD's-worth of reggae music, just so I can get used to the feels, sounds and vibe. Tis all good.

The weather for taking people with a disability out sailing tomorrow looks fantastic... not too hot with a gentle breeze. I'll be leaving out there at midday (by which time most of the people will have gone out for a sail), just so I give myself plenty of time to get home, ready and pack for the gig. At least it won't be a late night... I'm hoping to be home about 10pm.

Boys on Monday!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Good stuff- it lost my comment as it does sometimes.

  2. I have no idea how you can remember that many covers!!!

  3. Have fun with your sailing and your gig!

    and you get the boys on must being flying on cloud nine right now!

    take care

  4. Perfect weather for sailing!!! Love the guitar btw!!

  5. OMG that icecream truck looks like I did yesterday! Thank god that southerly finally hit last night! Its warm here today but bearable! Good luck with the gig! Hope you have fun!

  6. Awesome pics mate, swell :)
    Love the gherkin too :) Sweet

  7. We played the most fun live gig last night. I've played larger gigs, but that was the most *FUN*!!! Twas seriously "Money For Nothing"!!!