Saturday, 10 January 2009


I'm spending Sunday with my two younger sons. JD will be working... he's been ploughing in preparation for planting cauliflowers with his step dad, bless 'im! SJ, Ix and I will spend the day hanging out having some good old clean (well, it'll be dusty and dirty, really!) country fun at Wattle Flat's "Bronze Thong" country race meeting. Yes - thong tossing!

Only in Australia.

The camera batteries are being charged as I speak...

First rehearsal for the year today... this will be a delight. Eddie is champing at the bit. This will be the first time we'll be able to just enjoy laying back and relax and play, without stressing about someone elses' insecurities. We have about 200 songs (no, seriously!) we can choose from off the top of our heads without even thinking about it, so a repertoire won't be a problem!

I'm excited with the way "Wartful"* keeps developing for me, not only in my head but on 'paper'. The framework is well under way. Once the frame is up, then you can start developing the walls and roof, then add the interior fittings. Then you start with colour swatches and gardens and... you get the gist of it. It's a process - and I'm loving it.

Because I can actually visualize the finished thing, it should be easier to keep focused.

Someone reminded me about backing-up everything. Oh yes yes yes... I'm backing-up everything I write onto both an external USB flash drive thingy, and my external hard drive as well, as I go. I'm using Open Office as the software, which is compatible with any MS Word-type word processing document and will open anything anywhere on any type of machine, so I'll be right. As 17-years of churchianity taught me, "Jesus saves". (I'm not a christian, btw - that was a gag).

Things after the tooth extraction continue to go astonishingly well. The occasional stiffness or twinge is NOTHING, compared to those feelings the other week that can only be compared to having someone kick the side of your face and head with a leather steel-capped boot!

I'm also gonna try and get back into the 'email' habit again... I just don't keep in touch with people as well as I should, huh? It only takes a few lines now and again, Mr Mal. Back to it.

* That's the autobiography for the boys.

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. I love when your in such a positive state of mind..

    Have a wonderful day with your sons. Hope you have a wonderful rehearsal!

  2. A thong throwing festival...wonderful Mal...I hope it all went well and that a good time was had by all