Friday, 30 January 2009

Cool of the Evening

Eddie and I spent the cool of the evening after a long hot day casually working thru some of our band songs together, happily swapping between guitar, bass and piano/keyboard as we went. All very relaxing and a whole lot of fun.

I worked out how to play on piano Cold Chisel's "Choir Girl" - a whole lot more simple than I ever imagined. So yes... it's been added to the 'short list' as well!

I've updated/refreshed the band's webpages as well.

Thankfully, we're able to change our rehearsal schedule to Thursday nights (rather than weekend arvos), simply so that Eddie doesn't have to do a double-trip on a weekend.

I dropped-off the music CD I did for the boys last night... while I haven't heard their response yet, I'm sure it'd be a mixture of happy bemusement and "what the...?" rofl.

I think we've slowly become more acclimatised to this current spell of hot weather we're all experiencing down here in SE-Australia. It's actually warmer during the day than it was last week, yet doesn't actually feel like it. Hmmm...

Unlike the serious heatwave in SA and VIC... even railway tracks have bucked in the extreme temperatures!!!

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Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. I'm glad you're getting used to the extra heat- we're not down here, mate. The evenings of music sound absolutely grand- I used to dreeeam of doing that when I was a muso- only ever got to do that with my clarinet teacher and his mates in Sydney when I was very young! I'm sure the boys enjoy having their dad on CD- even if it could be a giggle at times!

  2. the band website looks awesome..great job mal!

  3. Railway sleepers buckling...niothing to do with Global warming...this was something I remember from my childhood in the 50's and 60' was they say it like its unusual...Its summer. its it always was.

  4. That picture of the cat is priceless!

    I love the "cool" of the evening. Especially when you can just sit outside and relax.

    I can't wait to hear the boys reaction to the cd.

  5. Glad things are still going well. I've just been looking at the band site, it's looking good. Had a little play with the penguins :)

    The cat picture is amusing.

  6. Just a heads'-up, middle... this has been the hottest spell of weather down there ever since records have been kept... nothing to do with global warming.

    Thanks for taking a look at the band's webpage too. I appreciate that. We're still getting work as a result of it.

    Mal :)

  7. What Middle Child said! Joshua asked me why it was so hot. I replied "It's Summer in rural Australia". Always was, and always will be.

  8. Track buckling on hot days has been pretty common ever since they started to get rid of the clickety clack sound the trains made by going to continuous tracks (ie they welded the tracks rather than joining them with bolts, thereby losing the expansion joints).

    Commuter trains to both the Central Coast and Blue Mountains are often late because of this new method of track construction, and occasionally they are stopped completely by it.