Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Boys Music

I've recorded eight quick (ie. less than one-minute each) little pieces of music the boys would enjoy and get a laugh out of for them. We were talking the other day about it, and as a joke in the car we were talking about little musical themes they might have while they're playing their PS2. So... all spontaneous, fun, silly little things... and yes, I play everything on 'em too. This recorder thingie is a dream to work with.

Or listen to them here:

I recommend "Latin Swells", "Open the Door", "Ow" & "Wave Hello". For pure silly nonsense, try "Bread & Milk". (My boys have the same bizarre sense of humour as I have, thankfully).

It's gonna be on the hot side of warm here today... mid-30's. But not as hot as central Victoria, where they're predicting a few days in a row of low 40's!!! (That's celsius!) GAGH! I need to get a few basic groceries... but the thought of going out into that sunshine today... well...
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. At least the supermarket will have aircon. I have to go get supplies too and am putting it off just at the thought of the hot car.

    It's great you're passing on your love of and talent for, music. It's something that brings so much enjoyment. Do any of them play an instrument? All my kids are talented musically, don't know where they get it, not from me. My older son plays guitar and writes music and he's really good.

  2. I liked Bread and Milk to Ramstein... but sometimes you feel like going off like that when you run out of them

  3. good stuff mal...sounds like a great time together.

    You can keep the
    It's really cold here..but I would love a day in the 70's.

  4. My middle boy plays a bit of guitar and recorder. They all enjoy and appreciate music. Thankfully they are not into any of that heavy death metal stuff or anything remotely like that at all!!!

    I'm not going to complain when it only got to the mid-30's here today... Adelaide got to 45c!!!! GAGH!

  5. Yes well we got to 40, not to compete or anything.

    And LOL@heavy death metal. It really feels like that doesn't it?

  6. Loved the "Bread and milk" how's the throat...sore???
    Latin swells is good to listen to...its all such good stuff...anyone who can sing and play and enjoy it...that here melbourne daughter is praying the power doesn't go down with all the air cons on...her building has a car lift...not a nice place to be stuck in on a day like today.

  7. Hope you managed to stay cool yesterday...the heat is bothering us up here but nothing like down south, I remember what it was like trying to cope through those temps.

  8. It has been so very hot. Our air con was working fine until the power went off, then when it came back on it was just workin as a big fan, :(

  9. Enjoyed having a little play of some of your quick pieces. It must be wonderful that your sons share your love of music. I have a grandson who likes *heavy metal* :( I'm hoping he grows out of it or a least expands his tastes a bit!