Saturday, 31 January 2009

Happy Enough

Well, Eddie's gone back home again for the weekend, to his wife and family and dog! He enjoys staying here, but if course it's not "home"... he can't wait to get back to Cowra again of a Friday arvo* (about an hours' drive). He knocks-off work at 1pm, he's in-and-out of here within like 10 minutes, picking up his stuff (plus he played a solo music gig last night in Grenfell as well). Good on him. He seems happy enough, and we're enjoying just hanging out together playing music as we go.

I was sitting watching the cricket on the box last night (poor Aussies finally got a drubbing - about time! No no... I mean, it's good to see a bit of healthy competition for us after 10+ years of total domination in world cricket), when I suddenly came over all dizzy... strange feeling. There were no norty chemicals or alcohol or anything untoward involved - we swears! I thought it was just hunger or something, but even after some raisin toast it persisted... I took a nanna-nap for an hour, thinking that would knock it on the head, alas upon waking I still felt the same. Twas funny... no reason for it! Upon awaking this morning I felt 100% fine, apart from just plain tired. I have no idea what all that was about?!?

* Arvo = afternoon.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. OK scaring me here. I wish you'd go see a doctor, those symptoms don't sound good. But you blokes think you're invincible don't you?
    Could it have been the heat? Were you drinking plenty of water?

  2. Sounds like blood pressure. I always thought Cowra was further away than that.

  3. She'll be right, mate ;) Just the heat catching-up with me, I think? Plenty of water'd been consumed too.

  4. Peter is right it does sound like blood pressure. Also I have had similar experiences if I haven't taken antidepressants on time especially effexor that plays silly buggers with dizziness etc.

  5. If it happens again, please see to it that you get a doctors opinion :)

    At least you get some space while Eddie is gone.

  6. I agree, it's nice to see the Aussies get a "drubbing" as you called it. I like a proper competition where you're on the edge of your seat, none of this walk-over nonsense that we've seen in the past!

  7. Iwith low blood pressure... but also could be a sugar might also have a giant alien parasite gobbling up all your raisin toast before it gets to your well - "be very afraid..." and if its serious, I never said the above okay - the others will blog - lynch me