Saturday, 13 December 2008

Where's My Taxi?!?

My poor new housemate! Oh, she's going just fine as a housemate.

She'd planned to get-up early this morning, so she could catch the bus to spend the weekend in Canberra with some friends prior to Xmas (she doesn't drive). She got her tickets, checked the departure times - all good.

This morning, I was suddenly aware from out of some beautiful dreamy dreams that she was stressing out and pacing around yelling down the phone (practically) - as the taxi she'd ordered 25 minutes before simply had not arrived!

Still half asleep, I hurriedly threw on some clothes, grabbed my keys and wallet, started the car, poured her in, and fighting sleep drove her to catch her bus. (I'm not a morning person, but hey, she needed to catch that bus!)

She made it with like 7 minutes to spare. I texted her to make sure she was able to relax once she was off and traveling, and she was. Thankfully.

That's the first time a taxi has let anyone down here in town, I was really surprised! I know they knew exactly where to come, as I've got explicit directions written-out above the phone for anyone wanting to come visit this place - and she read that over the phone to them. But hey, my car was sitting there... I did offer to take her last night, but she wanted to take a cab (it did pour in bucketloads last night, otherwise she wanted to walk)... luckily my car was available, in retrospect.

Twas nothing done in valour or anything like that. That's the kinda thing you do when a housemates' in distress. (Shrugs).

I got to sleep-in afterwards tho! Yay.

Thank you for all your responses to my Emo rant the other day about being a divorced dad. Out of many interesting thoughts, one that really stood out in my spirit was to write a book about myself, specifically for my sons, for when they are older.

As at this point of time, I very sadly cannot see this new band CD album going ahead as planned. But yeah... a book may come out of me as a variance to this spurt of creativity.

Julian and I will probably be able to put together an album of original musical material relatively quickly, and I still wanna do that with him if he's keen. However, if Matt's going to be involved, it's just not going to happen before our collective patience has been exhausted. Tomorrows' band meeting (if Matt bothers to even show...) should be 'interesting'... [sigh]... I have no idea where that leaves us as a live working band either...

I don't want to dwell on that too much right now...

So yeah... writing a book about myself specifically to my sons sounds like a good way to keep my brain from going atrophied! (I've been feeling very brain/consciousness-numb lately).

It's really got my spirit / psyche / soul / 'thing' racing in a way it hasn't been for a while. Maybe this is the idea I've needed to get myself going again? Oh, I'm just thinking aloud.

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Clearly my friend you are a very caring person - good luck on the meeting Sunday and good luck on the CD

  2. You are a good house mate and I'm sure she was very grateful.

    I think your book idea is great and something your boys would appreciate as they get older.

    It's such a shame about the band problems but maybe it will work itself out!! I so want you to achieve your ambition (hugs)

  3. Thanks. I'll just take it as it comes. It's very frustrating trying to 'work' with a fellow band-mate who says all the right things, but acts practically the opposite.

    It's because I'm what you call a 'caring person' that I get used sometimes. No more. Ferk 'em.

    Mal :)

  4. I'm sure she appreciated dearly! don't let anyone mistake your kindness for weakness. But don't let it bitter you from everyone.

    A book sounds like a wonderful have a knack for writing.

  5. Mal, do the book! It's amazing how as I write mine (it's been a bit neglected lately) you relive certain times and while this can be painful, it is really cathartic and has brought me new attitudes on things I was previously bitter about. A kind of acceptance that okay, that happened but that was then, this is now kind of thing.
    Hope things work out with the band.

  6. Goodonya for rescuing the poor thing! She must have felt a bit embarrassed so early in her stay! I'll do a bit more commenting tomorrow. Spotrick wants some berries and yoghurt.