Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Day is Sunday

Where'd the summer go? After a few days of torrential rainfall, today is foggy, gloomy, overcast and cold!

Go figure!

There's always a flip-side... Xmas Day is meant to be a stinker tho - hot, humid and sunny... in other words, a typical Aussie Xmas.

6.30 this morning... beep............ beep................. beep.............. the battery on one of my smoke detectors (right outside my door) decides that'd be the best time to start telling me it's going flat.

Do you think I could get the &^%$#@ open at all? And to top it all off... even after living here 5 1/2 years, I discovered the frigging thing is connected to the mains in the roof! I had no idea! Thank ferk I wasn't electrocuted or sommat!!!

I got it working again tho...

And yes, I'm feeling embarrassed!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Yeah well at least you got it working again. Well done! ;)

  2. The weather is certainly right the creek- it IS a creek in a few places, lime out the front of our place on Friday afternoon! Why did your smoke-detector beep if it's already on the mains?? Ours are built-in and mains-wired, but the one in the hall gets afternoon sun on it, heats up and beeps constantly on hot days. It also makes the fluoro globes in the bedroom light up in a beep-beep fashion ALL the time, as though the alpha particles are shooting through the internal brick walls and exciting the gases! I hope they don't shoot downwards to me in bed, too!

  3. You could be in the UK with that weather.

  4. Thanks! I'm a bit of a "Tim the Toolman" sometimes when it comes to things like this... but I can change a fuse and a light-bulb! hahahaaa.

    It's been unseasonably cold for the last two days... but, that's Bathurst weather 1 week out of Xmas for ya!

    Mal :)