Sunday, 9 November 2008


Thanks to a fellow Plurker, who suggested we try Paymate as a secure online method to sell the bands' music CD - and we have!

I could not believe how easy and simple it was to set-up - embarrassingly so! Yes, it's up-and-running on the band's webpage now.

So now, people who wish to purchase the CD using their Visa or MasterCard - can.

I'm just awaiting the finalising process of the other payment method (PayPal), which should be ready to go by mid-next week.

My Saturday didn't really go as planned, but I still had a positive day within myself. The weather was 'orrible go go sailing, so I skipped that. I had a lovely sleep-in instead. A proper uninterrupted sleep-in!

That was, after I got a text-SMS at 7am from JD (my 15-yo son)... he's just changed his phone number again, and was letting me know... that's really good. I'm thankful for that.

Typical country kid... he's probably been up for a few hours by 7am in the morning! hahahaha.

I've already told you how I did some music recording as well...

Matt called-off our getting-together during the early evening. That's OK (No, really!) We'll catch-up tomorrow at rehearsal with Calvin.

I ended-up happily sitting down in front of the TV for a few hours - something I don't normally do. I usually watch a DVD rather than the tellie these days, so it was relaxing. A bit of "Wallace & Gromit" (which I luv!), a bit of "Mythbusters" (twas the whirlpool and snowplow one), then the Test footy was on for a while... all over three glasses of my $22-a-bottle German White wine! Nom nom nom!

Oh... that was "Paymate", not Playmate! hahahahaaa.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Did you hear there's a new W & G coming at Christmas?

  2. There's an ideal about a Christmas album :)