Saturday, 8 November 2008

Guess What?

Guess what I went and done this arvo?

I've recorded the first original album track for the new band CD album!!! YAY!

It begins!

I've recorded (at home, naturally) a old song of mine (only goes for c.2 minutes), that Matt can later overdub on some piano, and Julian can overdub something using his brushes or mallets. That'll make it a 'band' item rather than just 'one of mine', you know what I mean? So yeah, while it's a really quiet, spacey 'album track' using my really low vocal register (that we said would be a good idea to use a few of those quiet ones in amongst all that rock'n'roll!), it'll be something different and certainly 'interesting.'

Interesting is good.

How or where it'll fit-in on the album is yet to be decided. The guys haven't even heard it yet, and for all I know they may go "nope." That's OK too... at least I've got the ball rolling for this new album now.

July will come quickly, if we don't watch out. (That's when we're hoping to have it all completed and released.)

In the end I didn't catch-up with Matt last night, as he got home at about 8.30 and rang to say he was so knackered he was going straight to bed! Tis fair enuff... poor bugger. A week straight working night shift really knocks the stuffing out of him. We're planning to get together this evening with some acoustic guitars and hang out for a little while.

I didn't end-up going for a sail today either... the weather was gloomy, wet, too windy and miserable. Not really a good start to take my little boat out for the first time this season anyways. There's always next week.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Wow...your banging the albums out.. I want to hear some of the songs that you have written, some Mal originals :)

  2. I just wish you could hear my youngest's voice...she writes too..its a mellow deep rich like honey voice....she liks the sort of stuff you sing...sadly she got hit with sickness and its all she can do now to get back vocally to where she was but the music is there...

    she said to me the other day that she was now 31 (whew) and unlikely to get her stuff out... in other words to be "famous" and I said to her that before electronic music thousands of people had songs and voices and sang....just because it was not recoreded did not make it any better or worse.