Saturday, 1 November 2008


This is one of those "I-wonder-if-I-really-should-post-this?" post. Skip it if U don't want to etc etc etc.

It's fairly frustrating and disappointing when you plainly, politely yet firmly, describe step-by-step what you realistically except from someone - yet it continually falls on deaf, unresponsive ears.

I'm still feeling frustrated. I can just foresee how the past 12-16 months' worth-of-work is all going to go down the shitgurler, simply because someone does not want to/can't appreciate the practical importance of being PROFESSIONAL in a professional situation.

He's saying all the right things. But his actions prove the opposite.

It's really started to get under my skin more and more.

I don't want to break-up the band. I really don't. I'm really loving it.

I absolutely love playing music with Matt. I really do.

I just don't know anymore if I can actually work with him

There. I said it.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Temporary blip? Take a bit of time out and it'll sort itself out, surely? (Mind you, the history of pop/rock music is full of artistic spats!)

  2. It's a toughie when you're working with someone who doesn't seem to be pulling their weight as they should. It happens in all kinds of situations not just the artistic ones. The problem is what to do about it; how to resolve it. I second dotterel and would suggest a short time out and see how you feel then. xxx

  3. hopefully things will work out. As much as I would love to see you a success...You have to remind yourself that It started out as just for fun.

  4. No, you're spot-on and right... i just have to "put-up and shut-up", because yeah - we did start out just doing it for fun.

    The time-out is a great idea... unfortunately, we've just had one!

    My main concern is that, while everyone's agreed that it's my job to arrange songs (chord changes, what bit goes where etc etc), Matt simply does not do anything practically to remember these arrangements from week-to-week. No notes, scribbles, even recording a cassette.

    It becomes very frustrating... i take a lot of time, thought and effort about new arrangements, and they simply donlt get learnt by matt. julian (the drummer) isn't a problem. i can cut Julian a ton of slack, because I know he works. matt, I simply won;t cut the same amount of slack anymore.

    No more babysitting.

    He wants to play in a professional outfit. Now he needs to stop gabbing on about it and stand-up and actually show that he wants to do it. That's what my gripe is, i guess. he's always always always (like a broken record) going on about "moving onto the next level" 9of playing/band performance), yet despite a zillion open-faced talks, practical advice and basic nagging as well - nothing ferking ever seems to change with him. Over the past year+.

    That's whats' so frustrating.

    Yes, it's hard, because the three of us are all good friends, mates.

    Blah blah blah.