Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Spring Colour Explosion

My norty printer won't let me print the sticky CD labels for the new band CD's! The artwork's all done... the actual printer won't feed the sheets at all! Seems to work for everything else, but these stinkin' CD label sheets, bugger-it!

Not to worry... Julian's able to print them out OK no worries. I can print out the actual covers and inserts and the Press Kits as well - just not the CD labels. Catch-22 - I have all these "Milltown" CD's sitting here ready to go - but with no CD labels! D'oh! Julian doesn't get back from Sydney until Friday, so there's not a lot I can do about if before then. That's fine, really.

For the first time in FIVE years living here, they're putting my rent up - just an extra $10/week. I can't complain, as it's the first rent rise in five years! It's not effective until the start of January anyways.

Wow, yesterday was our first warm Spring day of the season. It was only in the high 20's, but it felt warmer - just getting acclimatised again, after a long cold winter. Seriously, it was beautiful... you should see the colour of the streets at the moment. Trees and plants bursting into explosions of vibrant colours everywhere. It's really gorgeous... walking into town and back to day (it only takes me a ten-minute stroll), the flower beds in Kings Parade are positively aglow! Of course, I didn't have my camera with me, did I...? hahahaaa.

Oh oh oh! Check out this great list of webcomics, down the right-hand-side of BCO's Blog! YAY!

Hope - just ...
Check this out! Thanks to David for the idea.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. There's some team work with the printer thing..
    Wow you are really lucky not to have an increase in rent for 5 years and it only went up 10 dollars is pretty amazing for these days.
    The pictures are beautiful!

  2. Snowed here yesterday arrrrrghhhh!

  3. Cool Word Cloud....I think I will use it for one of my November posts....yes, I am going to try and post every single day.

    I hate when my printer doesn't print something when it should. Drives me batty.

  4. Good on your mate for taking over the printing - and irony? Our rent goes up $10 on 4th November after no changes for five years too!