Saturday, 8 November 2008

In the News

Sometimes we even make the National News out here!
Four killed in Bathurst plane crash

The New South Wales Ambulance Service says four people have died in a plane crash near Bathurst in the state's central-west tonight.

The light plane crashed north-east of Bathurst on Limekilns Road on a private property next to Bathurst Airport.

Police say the plane crashed while trying to take off and burst into flames. Debris is scattered over a large area and the fire brigade is on the scene putting out the fire.

New South Wales Ambulance Service Les Majoros says it was a light plane with four people on board.

"The police have confirmed that four people are actually deceased at the scene," he said.

Investigations are underway and police say they have yet to identify those killed in the crash.
I know Limekilns Road well... the boys' mum grew-up on a property out there! It's sad it had to happen. That's all I know about it at this point.
Peas be with ewe

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