Wednesday, 12 November 2008


It feels like I've done a weeks' worth of work in the last three days... it's been pretty constructive. It sure feels like it, anyways.

Caught-up on some creative writing and printing, bought final minute thingies for my son's 12th birthday today, burnt what felt like 100 CDs, but in reality only about 10-or-so. Finished writing my music charts for the long list of new songs for the band, and printed them out, and re-sorted my two thick folders full of lyrics and music with the new stuff included (that took an hour as it was! lol). Returned a whole heap of stuff to the library, paid the hall rent for the band, bought myself some new guitar strings and another guitar strap (the one I was using on my Les Paul was too short... I'll return it to the old battered classical guitar from which it came). Lots of fiddliy admin stuff along the way as well.

This evening (well, last night...), I watched a Library DVD. "March of the Penguins" (that I hadn't warched before). That was nice and relaxing. Amazingly photographed!

Blah blah blah. This is one of those posts written at almost 3am in the morning... I tried to sleep, but just couldn't fall asleep. I don't like just laying there in bed tossing-and-turning, so I'd rather get up and try to do something. I ended-up online for a bit... tried to Plurk but there was deathly quiet (no one about to chat to). The new band rehearsal songs Cd is burbling away in the background... "learning new music by 'osmosis' " i call it.

SJ turns 12 today. I'll ring him before he leaves for school at 7.45am, and i'll catch-up with him and his brothers at their place at 4.30 after school. Their mum changed her mind (again), and I'll just meet them by the front gate, rather than actually coming inside the house... or even inside the back house paddock. Strange woman...

So long as I get to see 'em, I don't mind where or when.

I really need to go to the pool tomorrow for a swim again. I've got that horrid 'bloated' feeling again, and that's simply from drinking/eating too much dairy stuff. For whatever reason, thesedays it sometimes (but not often) makes me feel like I've put on an extra 5 kgs straight on my tummy! A bit of a swim will knock all that on the head.

Happy Birthday, SJ. I'm very proud of you!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Happy Birthday SJ. Mal hope you have a great time seeing your children.

    You have a lot on your mind at the moment with the band which might be contributing to your restless night!

  2. Happy Birthday to SJ!! They are growing so fast!!!
    I'm glad that you are keeping busy..

  3. Bless you Mal. Take care. Have a great time.