Thursday, 13 November 2008

Matt Damon or JD?

I spent a good 25 minutes just hanging out and having a great catch-up chat with my 15-yo son JD on Wednesday arvo, while his two younger brothers happily ran inside to play with SJ's new birthday prezzies (which he loved by the way)! JD and I get on like a house-on-fire... always easy for us to just hang out and chat chat chat about all and everything. We talked cars, motors and farming, actually! He wants to leave school at the end of next year (Year 10 / 4th Form), and get an apprenticeship as a mechanic with the Forestry Commission. Even tho he's way too young at present, he's already had two employers tell him to contact them in a years time to work for them! I say - go for it! It's what he wants to do, and has a natural passion and ability for, so I say more power to 'im!

(Insert proud beaming dad comment here!)

The more I stood and looked at JD, I could not help but think his face currently looks almost identical to another face I've seen around a bit as well... very similar features... very similar, it's kinda spooky!
JD's battling some major 'spotty face' at the moment (and I know it's subconsciously bugging him, but he says it's not), and I know that's all that's stopping him chasing after girls at the moment.

In a few short years, when his face is back upto scratch (no pun intended), he'll be drop-dead gorgeous!

I know, I know! it's just the opinion of a proud dad, right? hahaha. No, seriously, especially in that top photo, JD's features are strikingly similar!

I certainly don't know where he gets his height (6' 2 1/2") or his amazingly handsome good looks from...?!? I can't call him my little "Mistah Bhoy" any more, as he'd thump me! [giggles]

Calvin sent me a text late this arvo, and we met at one of the local pubs in town, The Commercial. Taking our acoustic guitars, we sat in the corner and basically casually jammed on some of our songs for about 45 minutes, much to the delight of the patrons and the managers. If Matt hadn't been at work, he would have been down there as quick as a shot as well.

It's great to be able to get to know Calvin, and him me as well - and have some fun in the process.

As a result (they are undergoing some major renovations after finding new owners), our band will probably get some "Unplugged" acoustic gigs playing Thursday-Friday-Saturday nights in the near future at The Commercial (it's one of the smaller, more 'intimate' pubs in town, but with a great vibe about it). I left the manager our business card and had a good chat with him. They were happy with us just playing in the corner, so when all four of us turn up in 'acoustic' mode, they'll be blown away. He was saying that's exactly the sort of thing they were looking for, to help re-establish the place after their renovations are complete at the end of next week.

Aint it funny how these things just fall out of nowhere sometimes? We'll wait and see how it pans out, but it's a start.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. My God I had a hard time figuring out that JD was on top..I thought it was 2 pictures of Matt Damon...If he wanted to he could double for Matt Damon!!!

    Sounds like Calvin is an asset to the band already! Helping to get gigs and all. Wonderful! I am so proud of you guys! Make sure you bring some CD's to lay out on the table to sell!!!!! decorate a small table. No harm on making a buck or two :)

    Amber has a bad acne problem herself..poor girl...she is so pretty...I am going to buy some pro-active for Christmas and see if that will help her acne.

  2. Whups... I guess I didn't quite make it clear enough... those are bothMatt Damon! JD looks uncannily like the top photo, that's all I meant! My bad! lol.

  3. Cool stuff. I fancy some of that.

  4. BTW - your lad does you proud mate.

  5. Hea really good looking young man and you would knowthis...what facial bones...pretty eyes etc have nothing on strong bones... HHHMMM we older women are allowed to admire. it a rare man who is good lookingand your son is. As you already know.