Friday, 17 October 2008

More Spring

More guitar playing fun for me today... two 90-minute-plus sessions, running thru a lot of the bands' material, and then smoothing-out three original song ideas I wanna introduce to the band for the album.

Here's my Les Paul guitar, which I've been playing thru my Ephiphone amp... and it sounds really gorgeous. It's really nice to actually be able to use a guitar and amp that are really good... by the time you turn 44, you should have nice equipment - it's about bloody time.

Yes yes, I'm boasting! Muwahahahaa!

I even washed my car this morning! I'd forgotten what it looked like clean! This glorious Spring sunshine fills me with lots of refreshment... and is making every green growing thing go slightly bezerk after a very dry winter! No no, that's not the contents of my fridge I'm talking about...

Oh, I found this pic I took of myself (I'd forgotten all about it, to be honest), from back in June... fiddling with "The Thing", headphones on. This is what I've been looking like while I've been doing all the mixing for the band demo, you know...

Peas be with ewe

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  1. You know, there's something wierd about reading something posted on a Friday when it's still Thursday here, mentioning the spring when we're up to our neck in autumn. Good luck with the band!

  2. Let's have a bit of a post about that amp eh Mal?

  3. Now thats a face with character or something - Do you have irish or Scot's ancestry - you have to have.

  4. You're going through such a productive time in your live and with the band, it's great!

  5. Ya Mal, We are getting closer to Winter here too! Please send us some of your sunshine!!! Nice guitar too!

  6. It may be Spring here - gloriously sunny, warm days... but they are predicting possible snow over the next few days! Go figure! hahaa.

    Everyone was taken back at how good my little blue car looks like once it's clean! hahahahaaa.

    Col: That's a post I'll get to! I know ur interested in those Epi amps. Even tho mines' not valve, it sounds bloody great!

    MiddleChild: Oh yes, I've got both Irish and Scottish blood in me. Maybe that's why i'm so stoopid? [giggles]

    Thank you, everyone :)

    Mal :)