Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I'll Make U Happy

My yearly housing inspection for the Real Estate came and went in five quick minutes today - and everything is in tip-top shape. It's easy keeping this place clean and tidy, thankfully. I mowed the back patch of greenery (that passes for 'grass', but is more to the tune of a clover collection! lol) on Friday, and after all the recent rain - it needs flippin' mowing again! Yee hah!

The inspection forced me to clean up the paper warfare that was battling for control of the table in my bedroom... I actually found some stuff I should have 'actioned' about a month ago, but no harm done. Nothing financial, thankfully.

I even had time to sew a button back onto a shirt... isn't that a shock? Yes yes... it does happen occasionally... just don't tell anyone, alright? [giggles happily]

I spent about 30 minutes this morning working out a fresh band arrangement for an oldie fun song to play, The Easybeats "I'll Make You Happy"... there's three different songs involved in one, kinda like a medley. I'm looking forward to Sunday's rehearsal - first proper one in three weeks!!! We've got a few things to get down together, and then we'll have time to "do our thing" and just experiment with "sound and space" - that's what we do best, really. We're basically a raw rock'n'roll band, but yeah... we love creating soundscapes in that context as well. It's all fun. Huzzah!

Our new vocalist, Shane, has told us he can't continue being involved with us at the moment, simply because he can't afford the traveling costs and put in the time he wants to with us! A round-trip for him is 210 kms / 130 miles - and that's just for practise. Needless to say we're disappointed, but we fully and totally appreciate his situation, and support and encourage him in his decision. It leaves us in the situation we've been in all along... we're back to a three-piece, with me on vocals. We'll continue to hunt around for a new main vocalist too. It's alright... Shane told us that this could possibly happen with him right from the beginning, so it's understandable. The show must go on! And it is.

The Demo CD is complete... oh god, I think I've said that already about 573 times, huh? heh heh.

Poor Julian... he rang me yesterday, and he sounded so tired! He's been traveling all week (he's a salesman with a niche-market company), firstly out to West Wyalong, then across to Sydney! He's gonna drop-in for a few minutes tomorrow morning (in passing) and pick-up his copy of the CD! I know he loves the chance to set-up his drumkit and have a good play, so Sunday's practise is a real outlet for him. It's a huge bonus for the rest of us that he's so frigging talented! No, seriously!

We've actually had some really good rain over the last week-or-so. The local water supply dam will be overflowing by this evening, for sure! Yeees! Unfortunately... after seven years (yes, seven years) of drought, the water is simply soaking straight into the ground, because the water table is so disastrously low. Out at Carcoar Dam (where I usually sail), it's hovering at a dismal 12%...

Here's a small gallery of our local dam, where I'll be doing a bit of sailing on this summer - hopefully!

So, while my beautiful Bathurst was looking splendidly green-all-over for Race Weekend just gone, the drought remains a real issue for rural Australians.

A new blog that I'm enjoying... a stay-at-home dad the same age as myself. Very cool.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Surviving the dreaded real estate inspection is easy I reckon. All you need do is make sure, and I"m sure you did, that the house is nothing short of absolutely immaculate, self included. Once the agents have arrived, stand around looking tense and awkward. I've found they fly in the front door, are generally as mortified at the indignity of the whole performance as you are, and as a consequence are terribly polite. They make a bee line for an outdoor space, ie the back door, have a cursory glance into the back yard, and then flee-thanking you profusely as they go. Good. They haven't noticed anything terribly much as they are too overwhelmed by the order and the tension. Heh.

    My mother always wanted a clover lawn . . .

    My mother always wanted a clover lawn.

  2. I was only wondering today what the weather is like over in OZ. With my parents and sister out there I find I look out my window and wonder if they're experiencing the opposite of myself. Today is wet, wet, wet. We seem to be getting that a lot. I'm quite happy for you to have some of it if you want!

  3. Nice looking house you have!

    Hope the water level picks up for the sailing!

  4. Nice house Mal!
    Sorry to here about your bandmate..I hope that you will find another soon.

    I hope that sailing will be better this year.

  5. I'm so glad the real estate inspection went well. The house looks great, so well kept, loved the guitar on the wall. I have a good friend who did the same thing.

    Sorry about Shane, that really is too bad. Hopefully, you will find someone soon. But, hey, you just keep moving (great attitude) and congratulations on the demo CD.

    I hope you get to sail again in the summer. The water levels must be so frustrating when they are so low. It looks like a beautiful place to sail.


  6. I loved the photo tour of your house I'm a bit nosy really LOL.

    We have so much rain it's hard for us to imagine having a drought for that length of time.

    Glad to hear you completed the demo but shame about Shane!

  7. On one real estate inspection at my daughter's almost new flat the agent started to try to tell her to take better care of the carpet - picked thew worng girl. Ali got down to floor level and showed her what shitty carpet it was, that you couldnt vacumn the balls od Nylon/wool off because they were stuck there and that it had been that way since the carpet was laid... she then showed her the long list of things she had asked them to fix abnd they didn't even bother telling the owners (who happened to be there as well) - so it all got fixed quick smart apart from the carpet which they'll just have to live with...

    she may be little but she's feisty and like a little bantam - she looks like porcelain at times - makes us laugh

    enjoyed the pictures of yoru home

  8. I could tell you one or two horror Real estate final inspection stories as well... i think some RE agents consider themselves little Nazis with unlimited power and try to flex it when they have no right or reason to. We had a similar situation with disgustingly old, worn-out carpet at a rental about 15 years ago... even tho they were literally going to ripit up and throw it out when our lease expired and we moved out, they still enforced us to make sure it was professionally cleaned!

    The carpet cleaner turned up, took one look, and simply gave us the paperwork saying he'd done it, even tho he didn't even turn his machine on. He didn't want to waste his time on that miserable excuse for a carpet either! rofl. So - Tenants 1 Agent 0. Yay!