Sunday, 12 October 2008


A nice weekend... it's nice to feel genuinely tired after two nights of casual socialising with some friends.

Bathurst has been crawling with folks visiting for the Race Weekend - and the Police presence has been massive. A bit of overkill, in my opinion. On the road, walking down the footpaths... Police leathers everywhere. It just felt kinda... what's happening in my lovely little town. Answer: Race Weekend! It all goes slightly crazy for about 4 days. Thank gawd that's over and done with for another year, with no harm done (that I'm aware of, that is!)

Matt and I had a few casual drinks at his place Friday night, listening to music and watch DVD's. Just two blokes hanging out and chillaxing together. Always fun. We managed to have a bit of a play of our guitars together (we're taking a weeks' break from band rehearsal this week, which is a good thing), and for the first time in ages I just played on my own for Matt. Not showing off (I don't do that!), but just relaxing and enjoying the instrument. Then I got a bass guitar (a 4-string one) out, and for the first time in what felt like ages, i simply played with it for about 45 minutes, really enjoying the instrument and lots of fun grooves and melodic things. A nice relaxing evening. Mind you, I slept-in until 10.30 the next morning... [cough]. lol.

Three of us went for a walk around the corner during Saturday's small party, downtown to watch a band playing on the footpath in the main drag (street). There were people everywhere! The band was just having some fun, and even got to have a quick chat with a few nice females along the way (cough. lol). No, it was fine, just felt really strange seeing so many people out and about, in what is normally a quiet little Aussie rural town. It was nice to get out a bit tho, and there was no trouble where we were, just a fun relaxed party atmosphere, which was nice to be swept up with for a little while.

Mick turned-up at the party too, and for the first time in month, he and I just sat down casually out on the back verandah and doodled with two acoustic guitars for about an hour. Good casual fun. No ego at all between us, just playing for the fun and pleasure of it. Loverly :)

The Band Demo CD is finally finished, thank gawd! That's been five weeks in the making, and there's just over 60 minutes of small musical samples of stuff we do on there. When we decide together what five-or-six bits we want to highlight, I'll post those online for you to have a listen to.

We're still on-track to get an album completed by July next year, even tho that's gonna be a lot of hard work - but it's all good fun.
Caramel-Brorst Polanskified Terrafirmatrically Solanderizised Radiotopicallyistic Flummery, with cream.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. Sounds like alot of fun! Good for you!!!

  2. You'd be great for writing technobabble on a sci-fi show :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! :)

  4. Thanks to Caramel-Brorst Polanskified Terrafirmatrically Solanderizised Radiotopicallyistic Flummery for sponsoring my 73rd Laser sail of 2008.

  5. Thanks, good people. The week is slowly even getting better as I go :) I actually just wrote another new song for the band! Sheesh!

  6. I am so glad that you had a fun, relaxing weekend. Sometimes, just hanging out, being with friends, playing your guitar for fun and wandering around your town for the big event, can be so re-energizing. Important to do, wish we could all do it more often.
    Exciting about the upcoming CD. It will be hard work,but fun too.
    Enjoy your week.

  7. You're my black-box destination! (Pity about the cricket, cobba!)

  8. I know what you mean about when the crowd comes to town - suddenly locals who might not even axknowledge each other will nod and day "hello" with comments about not being able to park and have you noticed how expensive the hamburgers are bow theres a crowd in tows...we are a tourist town so over Christmas its like this...funny things we folk

  9. Whoops I forgot - you need a T Shirt like the one Don wore for the last christmas it had McSHIT on the front -

  10. Thanks so much for all your lovely posts! I've had a few good weekends in a row, so it's always refreshing for the soul.

    I don't know about holiday times, middlechild, but I'm always having conversations like that with strangers in the street downtown here. Must be a country thing... I LOVE it :)

    Mal :)