Monday, 1 September 2008


Busy busy busy... tis that "Real Life" thing again, you know?

The band recorded our first demo session as a band on Saturday. We don't sound too bad, actually. I'll do a mixdown and post 'em online in the next few days. Shane couldn't make it last weekend, but we're planning on recording demos every weekend over this month (September), so there's plenty of Shane's singing coming for you to listen and jaw-drop to!

We've also agreed to a timeline, so that we can have a properly-recorded album complete (recorded, mixed, artwork etc etc etc) by the middle of next year.

Can anyone think of a good band name for us? "Box of Sox" was always only a temporary thing... it sounds very "Wiggles", doesn't it? heh heh.

Life is good at the moment, in a kinda weird way. I'm still dealing daily with different aspects of manic depression that pop-up, but overall it's not too bad. At least I'm working constructively... it doesn't happen all that often thesedays, sadly.

Tis the reason why I'm unable to work very much at all. I don't have the emotional stability, nor the ability to deal with stress (the way I used to) to be able to participate in a 9-5 working environment. I don't enjoy being this way, despite people telling me I have a brilliant lifestyle. It's not, really. It's very mentally and emotionally exhausting to be me at this age, if the truth be known.

The journey continues...
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Hey, I like The Wiggles! ;)

    Recording sounds so cool, but I imagine it's quite trying and exhausting! Congrats on your progress!

  2. I like Box Of Sox!

    BTW will you be sending copies of your album out to your blogging friends when its finished?

  3. The band seems to have given you a good focus and the timescale something to aim for. I have no talent for thinking up names so I'll leave that to others! Have a good week.

  4. *raises hand high in the air* screaming "I want a cd please!"
    I liked Box of Sox also!
    Keep making music mal

  5. How about "Box 'O' Sox"? Bit more grown up? Hey buddy I suffer from bi polar too, keep talking and keep in touch with people who get you. Whatever you do, do NOT phone my mother. Ever. I'm serious.