Thursday, 28 August 2008

Lights, Camera...

How ridiculously easy is it to make a simple but effective-looking small-band lightshow, out of three little mixed-pieces of technology like these?

The overhead projector (left) was given to me as an "in-kind" payment for some teaching work I did on the South Coast way back in 1999. I quickly printed-up some colourful cells/slides for it on my printer here at home. The data projector (centre) is my latest toy... I picked-up a second-hand one (in brilliant condition, really clear and bright, only two-years old, for 30% RRP!)... and using a simple Powerpoint slideshow with some 'interesting' images...

The following thumbnailed pics do not do this great little automated and constantly-moving light display any justice, but to give you a rough idea of what it can look like...

This quick demonstration test was projected onto my loungeroom wall (c. 4 meters / 13 feet wide). The guys in the band saw it last night, and were totally blown-away! Speechless!

We used to do things like this all the time in one band I used to play in, years ago. Julian and Matt had never seen anything like it before. Needless to say, the local punters who come to watch us play will really have something to watch, as well as listen to! heh heh.

Seen behind a band in a small pub/club (where we'll be playing), it'll look mighty darn fine. Sure, it's a total psychedelic lightshow for a simple good-times rock'n'roll band - but you simply do not see bands using stuff like this around here anymore! It's so easy it's almost laughable - but looks sooooo good. At moments like this I wish I had a really good camera...

Oh... Julian will have access to his wife's new SLR digital still camera after Friday! Yay!

Our band planning meeting last night went so well, I'm still reeling from all the positives that came out of it. There's lots of things for each of us "To Do", rather than just 'talk' about it. Things are getting there slowly, positively but surely. It's all good.

I managed to find and show some old old old band photos of mine (from the late-80's...), and a "Press Kit" we had from those times, for a good laugh by the guys! The Press Kit (a photo, a short blurb, a list of songs, a short selection of our songs on a cassette [we'll used a CD, obviously! lol] ) we'll develop by the end of next month, so we can start handing them out to venues, club managers, music retailers, other bands, blah blah blah. It's just another simple way to get us gigs.

I'll have to scan those photos and upload 'em, you know! I'd totally forgotten all about them, until I went rooting around for our old Press Kit! There they were... big glossy pics too! Here's three I've got online already, waaaaay back from those times (1989-90) in ancient history pre-Nintendo...

Oh, be thankful I didn't pull out some old live band videos! We didn't need to get sidetracked with a 'home movies' slide night, did we? hahahaaa.

Oh... we've heard some feedback about the new vocalist, Shane. Apparently he's one of the best rock vocalists around in this whole region - and that's coming from a few different and surprisingly various professional muso sources unconnected to us! Gagh! So it's not just me that's saying it. What a stroke of LUCK!!! My head is still reeling... he's really keen, wanting to play with a "real band" again, in his own words. Obviously, he's the sort of guy who can pick-and-choose who he wants to play with. Gawd-alone knows why he wants to play with us, huh? [giggles happily].

And it's still all a whole lot of fun - and that's the sole reason why I do it :)
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Sounds like your garage band will be that not much longer!!

  2. I wouldn't mind seeing some old band videos.

  3. The light show looks like it's going to be really good! WTG!!

  4. It's all Awesome Mal!
    Do you mind me asking what happened to your old band?

  5. Don't be modest seeing an old video would be great fun.