Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Miss You

Here's us, complete with moi attempting to sing! (Wait until you hear a real singer, when Shane sings on even newer recordings we're doing this weekend!!!) Everything else was recorded and played live last Saturday. This is the best thing we've recorded so far... it sounds pretty darn good, even if I say so myself. More songs and bits to come over the next few days.


"Miss You" - Box of Sox Mk.II Demonstration recording, 30 August 2008.
Length: 4' 58"
mp3 file size: 4.55 MB

There's another two brand-new short song demos on the Boxies webpage too. Check 'em out. We're obviously a lot more 'rock'n'roll' than we used to be! It'll sound even better when Shane's vocals and lots more songs are in the mix. That takes place this coming Sunday. Yay!

Oh, I happen to like "Box of Sox" as a band name as well, but it's a band decision, you know ;)
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I may be old but I can still enjoy a little bit of R&R :)

  2. *claps hands loudly*
    I like it, I like it!

  3. That's really quite good and I checked out the other two on Box of Sox blog and like the Evie Pt 1 as well.

  4. That is so god and I am old enough to know whats good because it doesn't get better than the
    60's and 70's...you guys are good okay