Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Night Before

Hmmm... what about "The Night Before" as a band name? No-one else anywhere seems to be using it, or has used it in the past. That's always been a bit of a problem... some of the names we've thrown around, upon a bit of basic Googling etc, have either been used or are in use right now somewhere, bugger it! Just a thought on the run. I'll run it past the guys on Sunday for their reaction. I'm sure other ideas will pop-up. Tis always a fun experiment, thinking of a band name that will cover a whole lot of concepts in one fell swoop, huh?

No! This is not us... just a bit of random fun.

Matt has some really good clear images of the new rehearsal space we're using too. I'll get them off him tonight or tomorrow, fingers' crossed.

BBQ last night... pork medallions, snags, onions and mushies - and leftovers for todays' lunch! nom nom nom!!!

Peas be with ewe

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  1. "The Night before" sounds good but that bloody barbeque looks bloody good as well... am hungry tonight and anything that is cooked and meat looks good...must do some shopping ...shopped for the old dog today as he is off his food so I found all these delacies for him but a bit spare in the human department...

  2. The Night Before sounds alright...
    I will think for a bit..
    what about "The Aussie Evolution"?
    because your from Australia and your band just kind of evolved...
    there i made a

  3. The Night Before has some interesting suggestive connotations to it.

    Here is a site that might help you out.

    Seventhsanctum Name Generator

  4. Thanks. Yes, I like it as a name, but yeah... depends on the other guys, of course!

    That leftover BBQ was to-die-for, by the way! [silly grin].

    That naming site is a spinnout, karmyn! hahahaha.

    Mal :)